It would be good if we’re able to start to get a regular flow of tweets coming out of @cloudstack. The account has 32k followers


This account was previously run by a number of the PMC members who have since gone off into the ether.


My suggestion is that a number of people could jointly take on this task (I’m happy to be one of them – and have started with a few tweets today). I think the qualifications are that its people close to the project and have a good view on what’s going on.


Idea would be to keep a constant flow on subjects around:


. new releases

. cloudstack events

. any new user stories (who are being public about their use)

.new features

.anything else cloudstack



If anybody is interested in helping out with this, please give me a shout.


We may have some technical requirements that people are on PMC or committer – not sure about that yet – lets see whos interested first



Kind Regards