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From Tim Mackey <>
Subject Re: expiring meetups
Date Sun, 26 Jun 2016 23:57:16 GMT
Thanks Madan. Great to hear the Bangalore meetup will continue.


I've asked the meetup folks if there are any bulk pricing plans available.
I suspect the current set of meetups experiencing issues may be a "tip of
the iceberg" situation we'll encounter as the meetups grow, or as
leadership evolves. My hope is that they have a plan which better covers
groups like ours and we won't have to worry about meetups failing once they
grow too large for the "basic" plan.

Thus far, the best I've been offered is 90 USD per meetup for a six month
membership under their unlimited plan. They claim to have something for
communities such as ours, but no details were given. Under the current
model, all that's required to take ownership is for a current member to
take over the meetup as an organizer and pay the fee.


On Sun, Jun 26, 2016 at 4:00 PM, Ian Rae <> wrote:

> Thanks for the heads up Tim! Please send me more info I think we can
> easily cover NY and Boston and suspect we can take on west coast also.
> On Sunday, 26 June 2016, Tim Mackey <> wrote:
>> Everyone,
>> There are several US based CloudStack meetup groups which are going to
>> expire this week due to a lack of owner. All of them are too big to qualify
>> for the "basic" plan, but I've reached out to Meetup to see what options
>> might exist. The meetups are located in Boston, New York, Portland and Las
>> Angeles. Bangalore was on this list, and it looks like someone picked that
>> one up.
>> My ask here is if anyone is able to step up and sponsor to keep these
>> groups alive.
>> Thanks
>> -tim
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