Thanks, Marco.

I'll be happy to add this to the ASF's weekly news round-ups once the URL is in place.

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From: Marco Sinhoreli <>
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Sent: Friday, March 11, 2016 8:55 AM
Subject: [CCCBR] CCC São Paulo

Hello community,

I have a pleasure to announce the CCC São Paulo will be realized in 29-30 September in São Paulo – Brazil in an  great auditorium at USP.  This auditorium has capacity to 1000 attendants and we are planning to use 3 rooms for parallel tracks.  

The prospect plan for sponsors and the website will be ready within next days and, ASAP it is ready, I will back to you all.  Also, we are talking with hotels to have some discount to the community from outside São Paulo. 

About the website, when it is online, I will ask to redirect to it. 

About the tickets for the event, our plan is to have a symbolic value, around US$ 30, so that people have access and participate with our community of discussions about the project.

I want to say: welcome for you all and I hope it will be a very great event!

See you in Brazil in September!

Marco Sinhoreli
Consultant Manager
mobile: +55 21 98276 3636
Praia de Botafogo 501, bloco 1 - sala 101 – Botafogo
Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil - CEP 22250-040
office: + 55 21 2586 6390 | fax: +55 21 2586 6002 | twitter: @shapeblue