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From Nux! <>
Subject Re: Thoughts on Citrix announcement yesterday
Date Tue, 12 Jan 2016 16:36:45 GMT
Hi Sebastien,

Thanks for your thoughts! I for one am being optimistic about this change.

I'm also not worried about containers, I think you've spent too much time among hammers and
now everything looks like a nail. :-)

There is a massive load of stuff that at the moment needs (data centre) virtualisation and
Cloudstack is in a better shape than ever to take care of that.

So long Citrix and thanks for all the fish!
Hello Accelerite!

My 2 pence,

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----- Original Message -----
> From: "Sebastien Goasguen" <>
> To:,,,
> Sent: Tuesday, 12 January, 2016 16:20:44
> Subject: Thoughts on Citrix announcement yesterday

> Hi everyone (cross-posting),
> Yesterday Citrix announced that it sold its CloudPlatform business to Accelerite
> from Persistent Systems [1]
> As you know CloudPlatform is Citrix’s commercial distribution of Apache
> CloudStack. I wanted to share a few thoughts on what this means for CloudStack.
> One of the core tenet of the Apache Software Foundation is non-affiliation to
> companies, as such all of us on these lists participate and contribute to
> CloudStack as individuals. While the majority of us who are contributing daily
> to CloudStack are actually doing it as part of our day jobs we still voice our
> opinions as individuals and companies do not (and should not) have influence on
> what we do. This is one of the things that makes ASF great. This is also one of
> the reasons why the ASF  and us as a project will not comment on this
> announcement. It is Citrix’s business, not ours.
> That said, Citrix gave CloudStack to the ASF back in 2012 and contributed
> heavily in the early days to its development and maintenance. We should be
> thankful to Citrix for donating this software and helping the community grow.
> Giving it to the ASF was also the move that allows us to keep on going like
> “business” as usual. We as a project do not depend on Citrix. Hence Citrix
> selling its CloudPlatform business does not change our day to day.
> Over the years it is fair to say that Citrix involvement through the many
> individuals participating on these lists as diminished, with the vast majority
> of the work now carried on by others. If we were to do a ASF “faux-pas” and
> actually check affiliation of the folks that are doing most of the development
> and release work, we would see other companies than Citrix. Companies offering
> CloudStack services but also and mostly CloudStack users, a few doing it as a
> hobby and most because their company uses it. This is open source at its core,
> folks using a software, loving it, loving their peers, and contributing back
> for the benefit of everyone.
> It is impossible for me to say what Accelerite will do, I have had no contact
> with them so far and did not know this sale was coming. Neither do I know what
> will happen to all the fine Citrix engineers that were still working on
> CloudStack. Whatever they do, I wish them the best and thank them for the
> dedication to our project over the years. Early indication from the press
> release seems to indicate that Accelerite will engage with us. If they do, we
> will welcome them like any contributors to an ASF project. With openness,
> transparency and respect (the Apache way).
> I do want to mention that I think this may be an opportunity for CloudStack.
> Observers might think that our project is dead because of Citrix selling its
> business, but they would be mis-informed about the nature of ASF projects. I
> actually believe the contrary and think this will be a time where more users
> and potentially companies will engage more actively. They will see that the
> route to a successful Cloud is through engaging and becoming part of our
> community. They will also finally stop thinking that CloudStack is a Citrix
> product and that might be the kicker that brings them on board.
> Finally, being a technical guy, I like to focus on technical things. We have
> done some great strides over the past 8 months, we have stabilized CloudStack
> and are now releasing faster than ever, we have dockerized, we have pluginized,
> we have had several events... In september we will go to Brazil for CCC. Brazil
> is seeing a huge growth in CloudStack adoption.
> We still have a ton to do, from removing technical debt, fixing security issues,
> improving packaging, making CloudStack ever more easier to develop and use.
> This has not changed. We have some very important discussions going on around
> LTS and GitHub hosting. If anything I think the container movement is a bigger
> threat to our project than Citrix’s announcement. As companies start to embrace
> the container ecosystem and building containerized applications, what happens
> to CloudStack ? How does CloudStack work in a container world ? The same
> question are valid for OpenStack by the way, I just don’t buy into the Magnum
> effort, but I digress :)
> So thank you Citrix, we hope to welcome Accelerite and let’s keep on Stacking,
> [1]
> -Sebastien
> VP Apache CloudStack

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