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From Arjan Eriks <>
Subject Schuberg and the way forward
Date Sun, 31 Jan 2016 21:30:54 GMT
Hi all,

Over the last weeks we have had contact with a lot of you already. Most probably you are already
aware of our (Schuberg Philis’s) plans moving forward.

As you know we are working hard to get faster releases and to get to that it means that we
need to move to code commits that are fully tested, a master that never breaks and maybe evenly
important to work towards some architectural changes in the code itself. For us it means that
we forked the code after the latest release and we will work on that branch as of now. Of
course we will remain active on porting back nasty bug fixes and such.

I would like to thanks each and every one of you. Without this OSS community we would not
be where we are now. And that is that all our customers run in our Cloud. A Cloudstack cloud.

For those interested feel free to read my blog post about our move:
Or feel free to contact us directly. You now where to find us.

Cheers, Arjan
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