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From Sally Khudairi <>
Subject Re: POLL: Meltwater Reports for CloudStack media clips
Date Fri, 08 May 2015 12:28:00 GMT
Thanks, Giles! 
      From: Giles Sirett <>
 To: "" <>; Sally Khudairi
 Sent: Friday, 8 May 2015, 8:25
 Subject: RE: POLL: Meltwater Reports for CloudStack media clips
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div.yiv2340695933WordSection1 {}#yiv2340695933 Hi Sally    I have to say that the meltwater
reports are not that useful. They simple return anything online with the word cloudstack.
I would be happy if we stopped the subscription    Kind Regards Giles    D: +44 20 3603
0541 | M: +44 796 111 2055          

From: Sally Khudairi []
Sent: 08 May 2015 13:01
To: Apache CloudStack Marketing
Subject: Re: POLL: Meltwater Reports for CloudStack media clips    Hello again,    Any other
opinions on this?   Thanks, Sally    From: Sally Khudairi <>
To: Apache CloudStack Marketing <>
Sent: Wednesday, 6 May 2015, 15:53
Subject: POLL: Meltwater Reports for CloudStack media clips 
Hello CloudStack marketeers!

Our client service rep at Meltwater News (the company that sends the twice-daily media clips)
has received the following feedback from a member of this list:

> I get too many unrelated articles 
> please remove me completely from the mailing lists.

As we have created this sub-account of the master reports for The Apache Software Foundation,
we have subscribed the CloudStack marketing list to receive reports.

If you find them irrelevant, I'll be happy to cancel this subscription and the reports effective

However, if those on the list find it useful, and just a few individuals are inconvenienced,
I'll keep the reports coming until further notice.

[Apologies in advance to the individual seeking to be removed should this be the case.]

Please let me know your preference:

[ ] KEEP the reports coming!

[ ] No longer interested/relevant; please cancel distributions to the CloudStack marketing

Thanks so much,

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