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From Reuven Cohen <>
Subject Re: Thoughts on CloudStack while starting as new VP
Date Mon, 23 Mar 2015 16:33:39 GMT
Congrats and well deserved!


On 2015-03-23, 7:15 AM, "Sebastien Goasguen" <> wrote:

>Dear members of the CloudStack community,
>Last week the Apache Software Foundation board unanimously voted a
>resolution to make me the new VP of Apache CloudStack. This came after a
>unanimous vote of the CloudStack PMC and is regular process of our
>community as described in our bylaws.
>I am excited to take on this new role after two amazing VP (Chip and
>Hugo) since CloudStack came to the ASF. Many thanks to them and
>especially Hugo for the work he has done in the past year.
>The ASF is setup so that the governance of a project really belongs to
>the community itself. CloudStack is what we all make it to be, we all
>have equal footing when time comes to develop the code, create events,
>take decisions and so on. As VP I do not have a special say in our
>direction. This governance model is in stark contrast with other open
>source project that follow more of a benevolent dictator model. I mention
>this as a bit of disclaimer and to re-enforce the fact that while I have
>views about what we should do, they are my personal views and that they
>do not represent any sorts of official roadmaps, and that anyone is
>welcome to disagree :)
>In Budapest, we had a great conference. Chip and I showed several
>CloudStack use cases. Our user base is strong with over 300 production
>deployments. Our community is large and diverse with 2000 people on the
>mailing lists, but we need to keep advocating for CloudStack, make it an
>even greater software and grow our community. At the very least this
>helps us learn from each other, better our own skills and our employers
>IT infrastructure. At the very best AWS switches to CloudStack :)
>So here are some food for thoughts that will hopefully excite you, want
>to get engage, talk about CloudStack and bring on board your friends:
>On the code:
>- Keep improving quality, remove dead code, cleanup JIRA, cleanup Review
>We have successfully moved to GitHub pull requests, we should stop using
>- Simplify the dev process and adopt a new committing system to avoid
>regressions at all costs.
>We have talked about this for a long time but have failed had doing
>something concrete. It is time.
>- Remove the AWSAPI (there is a branch without it right now), we should
>merge it in master
>I am going to push for IP clearance of ec2stack and gstack to get them
>under ASF governance.
>- Several Cloud Providers have unveiled new CloudStack UI, maybe it¹s
>time we do the same.
>- Solidify the testing infrastructure, keep Jenkins builds running
>- Brainstorm on the future of CloudStack and IaaS in general. What should
>CloudStack be in 10 years ?
>While CloudStack is what it is now, nothing prevents us to re-architect,
>re-think, re-code it within the current framework.
>- Finally, package the mgt server and the KVM agent as Docker containers
>Docker is a great portability mechanism. We should embrace Docker as a
>packaging tool (first) and provide container images for our mgt server
>(at a minimum).
>This could become a type of release artifact that could be easily
>continuously built.
>On the ecosystem:
>We have a really strong ecosystem. From configuration management tools,
>API wrappers, PaaS plugins etc.
>We need to feature our ecosystem clearly on our website, support it and
>keep on growing it as new technologies emerge.
>Things that come to mind:
>- Push to get our Ansible module into the Ansible core
>- Publish ³official² chef recipes to deploy CloudStack
>- Identify and publish ³official² Puppet recipes
>- Build Docker native templates (coreOS, rancherOS, Snappy, Atomic)
>- Finally cleanup cloud-init support for CloudStack, this is preventing
>us from having upstream centOS templates.
>- Publish playbooks/recipes to deploy workloads on CloudStack (think
>Hadoop, Spark, Kubernetes)
>- Work actively on up to date integration with CloudFoundry
>On documentation:
>I and couple others successfully moved our docs to the Read The Docs
>service. This was a first great move but we need to finish the job.
>We need to rethink our documentation tree, maybe merge all guides in one,
>correct the docs, create a new theme for it.
>This is an easy area to contribute to if you are using cloudstack. Just
>send a pull request (click on the top right ribbon).
>If you don¹t know how, then it will teach you how to use github, great
>We also need to routinely build the multi languages support.
>On Events:
>We have at least four great events coming in 2015. Austin, Seattle, Tokyo
>and Dublin.
>Let¹s meet at one of those events.
>Let¹s submit a talk or a poster, tell everyone about the great stuff you
>are doing with CloudStack.
>If you are in a position at your company to sponsor the event, please do,
>we need your help to make those great events.
>Open Source is about collaboration and sharing, so let¹s meet around the
>globe from Sao Paulo to Dublin to Tokyo and talk Cloud, DevOps and Docker
>Finally on the Website:
>We can live without a website, but having a good one is a great way to
>showcase our community and our work.
>The current website is an improvement to what it was before but we need
>to do much much better.
>I recently did a small experiment and we could use github page. There is
>now a gh-pages branch in our repo.
>Anyone can actually contribute to that branch and it will rebuild a site
>If we could find a great web designer in our community, we could rebuild
>our site and make it a very modern, polished site that would attract even
>more people.
>It¹s an easy one, it just needs someone to step up and do it.
>There is much more to this list, It is almost a brain dump. I figure that
>if we could work on those five areas and improve them, even just a bit,
>our project would be so much stronger. Some of them are easy, it¹s just a
>question of sitting down and doing it.
>So while I cannot tell you what to do, and cannot assign people to some
>of these tasks. I encourage you to look at that list and see if there is
>an area or a thought that strikes your mind and excites you. If there is,
>the only think I ask is that you send a pull request or at the very least
>an email to tell the rest of us what you are doing.
>To conclude, we do have a bit of bi-polar syndrome in tech, we need rock
>solid software in production but we also want to work on the latest cool
>technologies. I think we can do both, and if we can do something that is
>both cool and rock solid in prod than we will have that amazing feeling
>of accomplishment and doing great work
>Let¹s keep on making CloudStack great in the coming year and let¹s have
>fun doing it,

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