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From Giles Sirett <>
Subject RE: [OPEN PLANNING MEETINGS] CloudStack Days 2015
Date Fri, 27 Feb 2015 18:36:28 GMT
Hi Karen et al
Its great to see this progressing
I'm sure some of these things will get covered off in the planning meetings, but these are
a random set of thoughts/questions from me:

1.       I fully support this new format, as I feel it allows us to reach a much broader audience,
 but I think they are going to be quite different events to CCC - more about attracting new
people than the "existing" community getting together.

2.        does mean that the  existing   community people (i.e. us !)  are going to be spread
thin at each event. To that extent, 5 x CFP's is going to to be some work

3.       Have we any idea on the format?  I notice on TLF website, that theyre talking about
a plenary morning and then breakouts. Have we any idea how many sessions there are to fill
at each one ?

4.       My suggestion would be to give one person "lead" responsibility for the CFP for each
event. Yes, the actual selection can be done by a committee (open to the whole community)
but from experience it takes somebody to drum up interest and herd the cats.
For example, I'd be happy to take the lead on Dublin, maybe David on Austin,etc

5.       Have we engaged with the guys in JPN ? - I'm sure they'll have no problem filling
their day :)

6.       To save work: maybe discuss having repeatable content for the plenary ? If we can
collectively work on that content, then its less of a burden for whoever has got to stand
up on the day

7.       It may be sensible to try and co-ordinate *who* from the existing community is going
to be at each event.

8.       Risk: I initially had the thought that it would be nice if PMC/committers all "aimed"
for one of these events  - so we could all get together (which we may miss with this new format).
In hindsight, I think that could present a real risk to the success of the events (i.e. if
committers, etc all go to, say, Seattle, it may leave the others very short of people to speak
So, bad idea, but I have to ask the question: how do we stop that happening anyway ? i.e.
a critical mass building up around one of the events

Looking forward to the first meeting

Kind Regards

D: +44 20 3603 0541 | M: +44 796 111 2055<>

From: Karen Vuong []
Sent: 26 February 2015 22:10
Cc:; David Nalley; sebastien goasguen (
Subject: [OPEN PLANNING MEETINGS] CloudStack Days 2015

Hi all,
The Linux Foundation will be helping the Apache CloudStack community with the logistics for
CloudStack Days 2015. There will be CloudStack Days Planning meetings held every other Tuesday
beginning on Tuesday, March 10th, 2015 9:00am - 9:40am Pacific.
Open to the community - the planning calls are open to the community. Feel free to share your
feedback, ideas and suggestions on these calls. If you would like to join, please send me
a note and I will send you the meeting invitation.
CFP Committee - if you are an Apache CloudStack committer and would like to volunteer to help
review and vote on proposals for a specific CloudStack Day, please reach out to Sebastien
Goasguen and David Nalley (cc'd). The CFP for CloudStack Days Austin will open next week.
Sponsors - Cloud Foundry has signed up to sponsor all five CloudStack Days. Thank you! There
are several other companies that are currently considering. Sponsorship prospectus can be
found here:
Registration - CloudStack Days 2015 is free to attend.
Bi-monthly updates - I will be sending bi-monthly updates from the CloudStack Days planning
calls to the CloudStack marketing list.
Meeting notes are located here:



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