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From Kristoffer Sheather <>
Subject Re: Latest Blog Post
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2015 21:49:47 GMT
+1 very well put.

> On 4 Feb 2015, at 8:33 am, Sally Khudairi <> wrote:
> Hello, everyone --I wanted to step in and clarify some items. 
> Daan wanted to know the opinion of ASF Marketing & Publicity; below is my position
as its Vice President.
> 1) the ASF is vendor-neutral. This means that all Apache projects are so as well.
> 2) showcasing successful implementations, deployments, and use cases is important in
demonstrating project diversity, particularly in terms of "who uses you?".
> 3) sharing software vendor/service provider/user progress is A Very Good Thing, and is
important in demonstrating project robustness, particularly in terms of "how are people using
you?". If doing so includes items such as Ikoula sharing news of their recent award, Shapeblue's
latest consulting offering, or Citrix's new product development, there should be no reason
that can't be freely shared amongst our community, preferably on this list. In preparation
of Giles' briefing with Forrester tomorrow I was able to list more than a hundred organizations
that are using CloudStack --how/where else would we be able to learn about this?
> 4) some ways that Apache CloudStack can showcase capabilities/successes whilst maintaining
vendor neutrality can be through tweeting success stories. Examples of what we've tweeted
as part of the @TheASF's "Did You Know?" campaign include:
> - Did you know that Apache #Tika + #OODT power #NASA's just-launched #SMAP instrument
ground data processing system?
> - Did you know that Facebook recently completed a 30 petabyte migration using #Apache
#Hadoop and #Hive?
> - Did you know that #Apache #Hadoop, #MapReduce, #Mahout, and #Pig form the anti-spam
analytic platform for Yahoo!Mail?
> - Did you know that @Apache_OODT is an integral part of the data infrastructure for @SKA_telescope,
the world's largest radio telescope?
> - Did you know that @CommonCrawl use #Apache #Nutch to crawl billions of Web pages in
a Cloud environment? - Did you know that you can now run @googlechrome apps across #mobile
platforms using #Apache #Cordova?
> - Did you know that #Apache #Tomcat powers 15 TB of data daily for, the
largest website in Sweden?
> - Did you know that #Apache #OpenOffice provides $21M in value per day?
> - Did you know that #Apache #OODT helps power @MarsCuriosity downstream data archiving
for #NASA Planetary Data System?
> - Did you know that with #Apache PDFBox you can create, manipulate, and extract content
from PDF documents?
> ... and so on. There are many great stories to tell with Apache CloudStack! Let's celebrate
> 5) CloudStack isn't the first project to come to the ASF with an already-established
user base. We've had dozens of projects originating from a particular organization, and there
are often growing pains as the project settles in.
> I'm confident you'll agree we have a talented, passionate, diverse community that stands
firmly behind an exceptional, robust, proven product.
> Yes, the request to promote a vendor's product on Twitter was in error.
> Let's remember that we will need these success stories as well as access to those working
tirelessly behind scenes to help bolster the CloudStack community through MeetUps, Collaboration
Conference, and other outreach/education events.
> I know we all want to do the right thing. Let's acknowledge this as a lesson learned
and move on. There are so many bigger things ahead for us. Go Apache!
> If there are any confidential items that need addressing, please forward to the CloudStack
press list, or to me at the ASF Marketing & Publicity <>.
> Thanks,
> Sally
> = = = = = 
> vox +1 617 921 8656 
> skype sallykhudairi
> ________________________________
> From: Steve Wilson <>
> To: "" <> 
> Sent: Tuesday, 3 February 2015, 14:00
> Subject: Re: Latest Blog Post
> Honestly, whether the official CloudStack twitter account posts this isn¹t
> the point.  That¹s preaching to the choir anyway.
> I¹m doing my best right now to show that Citrix supports Cloudstack ‹ and
> I did put ³Apache CloudStack" in the first sentence of the blog!  I will
> say the overall tone with respect sniping at people trying to support the
> project here is disappointing.
> -Steve
>> On 2/2/15, 9:28 PM, "Rohit Yadav" <> wrote:
>>> On 03-Feb-2015, at 10:04 am, Mark Hinkle <> wrote:
>>> I was on the road and asked Karen to do create some tweets especially
>>> since this blog was partially in response to lat months¹s thread about
>>> Citrix not supporting CloudStack. I thought we promoted any success
>>> based on CloudStack whether it¹s a proprietary fork, storage solution or
>>> other tool. I¹d be lying if I didn¹t have an opinion but would be
>>> curious to see how many people agree with Rohit. If there¹s a majority
>>> opinion I¹d support whatever the group wants. It seems the phrase
>>> ³Damned if we do, Damned if we don¹t² applies.
>> The blog talks about CCP and does not talk anything about ACS - the
>> project or its community. The blog still has a ³powered by Apache
>> CloudStack² sticker but should we promoting anything with such stickers?
>> I would be happy if it still could be edited to add a link to the project
>> and add a line or two like all past successes (proprietary forks or tools
>> or solutions) have done.
>> Regards,
>> Rohit Yadav
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