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From Adrian Lewis <>
Subject Poor response from commercial vendor
Date Tue, 16 Dec 2014 02:52:00 GMT
Just had this very disappointing reply when asking a commercial vendor
about integrating their product with CS:

*The recent changes in Citrix corp around the strategic direction of
Cloudstack leaves a lot of risk from the enterprise support aspect. Key
people leaving and reorganization causing problems with viability and
direction. Cloudstack has a vibrant community aspect which Citrix probably
won't let die but the enterprise support side might pivot towards
Openstack. This leaves Cloudstack out in the cold, not dead but only with
no commercial support in the community. Most major vendors are around
Openstack, and Citrix might be forced to shift. [Commercial Vendor]
believes in the freedom of all clouds; however, we have to focus one area
at a time. Once AWS, Openstack, hypervisor we might have capacity to be
more encompassing.*

Looks like Citrix really need to put out a better message to the industry
if this is not the case, if only to protect their Cloud Platform revenues.
It seems that a few poorly worded blog posts by ‘analysts’ have done a lot
of damage. This is not the first commercial vendor that seems to hold this

Is there anything more to add to this?


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