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From Mark Hinkle <>
Subject Re: Discover PICO Ikoula's new VM
Date Thu, 06 Nov 2014 18:05:03 GMT
I think any offer or indication of a product or service that features CloudStack would be fine
to the marketing list. 
I think this set-off a lot of spam filters because their were 7 image attachments. 
I think a plain text email is preferred since it's a mailing list.
I think it's cool that a CloudStack-based solution is being promoted here or anywhere else
and we should welcome that.  

Regards, Mark 

On Nov 6, 2014, at 12:48 PM, Giles Sirett <> wrote:

> No, I doubt anybody on this list is going to rush out and buy an instance from Ikoula.
And I agree, that spam is a pain
> But this is a *marketing* list  - and I would love to hear more stories from folks doing
things  with Cloudstack; if that means hearing some of their gotomarket then so be it. Some
will be good, some will be dull and a few may be great. We need to hear those great stories.
> That email wasn’t sent from a DB, Anne-Claire sent it herself. I guess because she
thought people may be interested (and I'm sure she also hopes that some of us may buy something
or tell our friends to buy something) and has basically got a message saying "don’t do that
again". IMO that is bad form, especially after I pointed out that they are active supporters
of this community.
> So, when Ikoula do announce their *great* thing - we wont hear about it.
> A while back Anne-Claire sent a similar email (they had been graded as no2 cloud provider
in France behind SomebodyiCantRemember). It, too, was just a piece of marketing from them
> It resulted in this:
> @Ikoula beat @Cloudwatt in EVERY ranking for French #iaas market.
> guess what its built on ?
> #cloudstackworks
> And also partly contributed to a French journo contacting me to  write a  piece about
> Kind Regards
> Giles
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> From: David Nalley []
> Sent: 06 November 2014 17:16
> To:
> Subject: Re: Discover PICO Ikoula's new VM
> On Thu, Nov 6, 2014 at 11:56 AM, Giles Sirett <> wrote:
>> Joe
>> Ikoula are a cloudstack user, based in France, and are good friends of the CloudStack
>> I think its great to see them developing new services based on
>> Cloudstack and sharing that with the rest of us
> So I like that they use CloudStack. I like that they are developing new services, based
on CloudStack. I am just not sure how it's relevant in this particular venue.
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