I have been in the channel on #cloudstack via irc.freenode.net for 4 days now and there have been 4 separate requests for help with no answers.

Is anyone out there using the IRC anymore for this products support (and sense of community) or should I just speak up and tell people to only try and reach out for help via the email mechanism (users@cloudstack.apache.org)?

I'm worried about the perception of "lack of response" to people who are reaching out for help and not being directed towards the proper tools.. If we aren't going to use IRC for communication, can someone in a leadership role please change the "/TOPIC" of #cloudstack to reflect that it's a non-used channel and direct people to email?  Otherwise can I encourage a couple of the guru's to monitor the IRC for us newbs that like to have live conversations?

note: current topic:
 Topic for #cloudstack: Apache CloudStack User Chat |
13:48 -!- Topic set by chipc [~chipc@apache/committer/chipchilders] [Sat May 10
          23:48:11 2014

BTW: the quick response via email IS AWESOME, so I'm not saying IRC is a must, just want to catch the stragglers that aren't using email as the first reach out and give them a sense of "we care".  Creating buy in from us nerds is about how quickly/easily we can be directed to the right support and training mechanisms.... for us "perception is reality".

For your consideration,

Scot Gabriel
IRC (devildog31415 on irc.freenode.net)

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