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From Nux! <>
Subject Re: IRC #cloudstack (reaching out to the community)
Date Mon, 27 Oct 2014 18:57:31 GMT
IRC is usually to park irssi and forget about it. :)
Even big projects have a hard time supporting via IRC, let alone a smaller and very specialised
community such as ours.

Seriously now, email makes a much better support solution and I always rely on it so do use
the mailing lists.


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> From: "scot gabriel" <>
> To:
> Sent: Monday, 27 October, 2014 13:50:04
> Subject: IRC #cloudstack (reaching out to the community)

> I have been in the channel on #cloudstack via for 4 days
> now and there have been 4 separate requests for help with no answers.
> Is anyone out there using the IRC anymore for this products support (and
> sense of community) or should I just speak up and tell people to only try
> and reach out for help via the email mechanism (
> )?
> I'm worried about the perception of "lack of response" to people who are
> reaching out for help and not being directed towards the proper tools.. If
> we aren't going to use IRC for communication, can someone in a leadership
> role please change the "/TOPIC" of #cloudstack to reflect that it's a
> non-used channel and direct people to email?  Otherwise can I encourage a
> couple of the guru's to monitor the IRC for us newbs that like to have live
> conversations?
> note: current topic:
> Topic for #cloudstack: Apache CloudStack User Chat |
> 13:48 -!- Topic set by chipc [~chipc@apache/committer/chipchilders] [Sat
> May 10
>          23:48:11 2014
> BTW: the quick response via email IS AWESOME, so I'm not saying IRC is a
> must, just want to catch the stragglers that aren't using email as the
> first reach out and give them a sense of "we care".  Creating buy in from
> us nerds is about how quickly/easily we can be directed to the right
> support and training mechanisms.... for us "perception is reality".
> For your consideration,
> --
> Scot Gabriel
> IRC (devildog31415 on
> (0xcfe3d15c891fca57)

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