Hi Giles,

It will help us to have a copy as well.


On Aug 29, 2014 8:57 PM, "Giles Sirett" <giles.sirett@shapeblue.com> wrote:

As of a couple days ago we have had 60 responses to the ACS adoption survey


I’ve pulled a copy of the results and removed personal details and company names when folks had said that they didn’t want their use to be public


If anybody wants a copy of the results to perform some analysis (Amy, I know you had expressed an interest) – please shout and I will email over to you.

I haven’t put the file up for download (this is a public list)



Next week I will be cross referencing the replies against the 200+ known users we have published at http://cloudstack.apache.org/users.html





Kind Regards



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