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From Brian Johnson <>
Subject Re: Adding CloudStack Support
Date Tue, 19 Aug 2014 15:34:08 GMT

Yes we started doing a little work with Exoscale, though we didn't get much
feedback from them sadly. We are confident from a tech perspective that we
will work with CloudStack. We are more curious from a business perspective,
what the CloudStack community would like to see in our product. We are
starting to go down the path of providing docker deployment and/or
simplified provisioning to CloudStack.

I would love to speak with any of the groups you listed above, if you feel
that could give us feedback about how our tool could work with the
CloudStack ecosystem. Is there one or two of those companies that you feel
would be good to speak with?



On Tue, Aug 19, 2014 at 4:29 AM, Sebastien Goasguen <>

> Hi Brian,
> Didn't you work with Exoscale a bit ?
> If I am right your tech is based on libcloud for integration with
> cloudstack and ec2. I work on libcloud with Tomaz (who I think works for
> you :) ).
> So indeed the tech part is well covered.
> I can put you in touch with folks from iKoula (Paris), Greenqloud
> (iceland), PCExtreme/Leaseweb (Netherlands), Datapipe and Interoute and
> also some folks in Brazil (Globo).
> -Sebastien
> On Aug 18, 2014, at 1:21 PM, Brian Johnson <> wrote:
> > Hi!
> >
> > We (DivvyCloud) are thinking about adding CloudStack support for our
> tool. Is their anyone in this community that would be willing to work with
> us to make sure we get the implementation correct. Not so much for testing
> to make sure the tech works, but more along the lines of making sure we
> implement the features in a way that makes sense to CloudStack users.
> >
> > Let me know!
> >
> > Brian
> >

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