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From David Nalley <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] CloudStack PMC taking on direct management of our trademark?
Date Mon, 07 Jul 2014 19:00:57 GMT
On Mon, Jul 7, 2014 at 12:04 PM, Chip Childers <> wrote:
> ( and have been
> BCC'ed so they are aware I have started this discussion on marketing@)
> Hi all,
> An opportunity has been presented to us to allow the CloudStack PMC to
> directly manage our trademark.  I wanted to get a discussion going about
> (1) do we want to do this, and (2) if so what process would we follow
> for it.  What I need out of this thread is a gauge of consensus, and
> input into our approach (if you agree with the idea of taking over
> direct management). FWIW, I'm a strong +1 to taking on this
> responsibility as a project.

So I stated my support earlier - this is likely a longer discussion on the how.

I think the 'how' is somewhat orthogonal to the 'IF'.

I think the guidelines themselves don't change, so it's very little
operational change. The difference is in authorization. We are moving
however, from a single person authorizing to more of a group thing. (I
am also against us having a SPOF, even if it's the project's SPOF). I
think we can adopt something along the lines of the 'old' New PMC
member notification that the board used to have. You request
permission - a single board member's ACK + 72 hours counted as
permission. Any NAK from a board member negated that. If we
s/Board/PMC/g that should give us a scalable but keep us from letting
problematic things escape oversight as well.



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