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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: FWD: [DISCUSS] Project Bylaw change - Adding Trademark Usage Approvals as an action
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2014 18:19:08 GMT
Nice proposal and discussion.  Non-binding peanut gallery comments:

- Do you want to expand the lazy time from 72 hours to a week, to ensure
that sufficient PMC members have time to evaluate?

- Depending on who the requester is, think about if they will be
comfortable with an "after XX hours you're approved" versus having some
PMC member contact them specifically after XX hours stating explicitly
"now you are approved".

While in most cases people would "get it", there are plenty of cases
I've had where third parties are looking for very explicit and final
answers (think lawyers and stuffy VPs 8-)

- Shane (not on marketing@)

On 7/10/14 10:56 AM, Chip Childers wrote:
> ----- Forwarded message from Chip Childers <> -----
> Subject: [DISCUSS] Project Bylaw change - Adding Trademark Usage Approvals as an action
> This email is being cross-posted specifically because bylaws changes are
> required to occur on the dev@ list.  However, the content of this
> message may be primarily of interest to those on the marketing@ list.
> For background, please see:
> I have attached a proposed patch to the project bylaws, specifying the
> decision making process to use for trademark usage request approval /
> denial.  Comments are welcome!  I'll leave this out here for comment
> until at least Monday, when I will open a formal VOTE for the change to be
> applied (assuming no disagreements).
> -chip
> Index: bylaws.mdtext
> ===================================================================
> --- bylaws.mdtext	(revision 1609456)
> +++ bylaws.mdtext	(working copy)
> @@ -100,6 +100,8 @@
> Maintaining these bylaws and other guidelines of the project.
> + Managing and protecting the project's trademarks and brand.
> +
>  2.4.2. Membership of the PMC is by invitation only and must be approved by a
>  lazy consensus of active PMC members.
> @@ -232,7 +234,8 @@
>  3.4.2. Non-Technical Decisions
>  A non-technical decisions is any decision that does not involve changes to the
> -source code that we distribute in our official releases.
> +source code that we distribute in our official releases (excluding questions of 
> +trademark usage).
>  Non-technical decisions should normally be made by the entire community using
>  discussion-lead consensus-building, and not through formal voting.
> @@ -330,6 +333,50 @@
>  Any active committer or PMC member may call a vote. The vote must occur on the
>  project development mailing list.
> +3.4.11. Trademark Usage Approvals
> +
> +Our project maintains a formal Trademark Usage Guidelines document, which
> +serves as a additive reference to the Apache Software Foundation's trademark
> +policies. The Apache CloudStack PMC has had approval authority delegated to it
> +for requests from third parties to use our trademarks. It is the PMC's
> +responsibility to provide these approvals, and to ensure that any requests
> +are in compliance with both the project and the foundation's trademark
> +usage policies.
> +
> +The CloudStack Trademark Guidelines specify how a requestor is expected to
> +request permission for usage of the trademarks.
> +
> +The process of approval will typically be as follows:
> +
> +* A request is made that includes the required information for the PMC to make 
> +a decision.
> +* A PMC member reviews the request and provides an initial acknowledgement 
> +response to the requester.
> +* If no PMC member raises a concern after 72 hours, the requester can assume 
> +approval.
> +
> +In situations where a concern is raised, the PMC member is expected inform the
> +requster that there is some discussion that needs to be had prior to approval
> +from the PMC.  This notice serves to end the assumed approval after 72 hours.  
> +
> +After raising a concern, the PMC member in question is required to forward the
> +concern to, explaining the issue that they have
> +with the request.  The use of for discussing the
> +request is to allow the PMC to deliberate without confusing the requester, and
> +to ensure that a formal approval or denial is clear at the end of the
> +discusion.
> +
> +The PMC will then attempt to achieve consensus on how the request for approval
> +will be answered.  The requester may be asked for more information to help the
> +PMC make a decision, may be asked to make a change to the proposal in order to
> +gain approval, or may have their request be denied.
> +
> +If consensus is not achieved within the PMC by discussion, then a formal VOTE
> +can be called as a Lazy 2/3 majority of voting PMC members.
> +
> +Votes related to trademark usage approvals may be performed on the
> mailing list.
> +
>  3.5. Voting Timeframes
>  Formal votes are open for a period of at least 72 hours to allow all active
> ----- End forwarded message -----

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