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From Chip Childers <>
Subject CloudStack Marketing Strategy
Date Wed, 09 Jul 2014 16:23:49 GMT
(bcc private@cs.a.o for awareness)

TL;DR version: If you are interested in helping mold a strategic
marketing plan, with a focus on raising awareness for the project,
please subscribe to our new mailing list by

Longer version:

Over the past couple of months, Sally Khudairi has been working with
the CloudStack PMC on our private@ mailing list to structure a
strategic marketing plan to help raise industry awareness around Apache

One of the things that we have struggled with during our discussions,
was how to best get everyone's input on that plan, and how to best work
with our broad community of individuals and companies interested in
helping execute on specific tactics.  Our challenge is that we want to
balance exactly how "open" we are with the actual strategy itself (given
advice from Sally on what to make open vs. what to keep private). At
this point, the PMC (and Sally) reached a consensus that we are going to
take a bit of a different route then the existing "open" or "closed"
model (i.e.: marketing@ vs private@), and split the difference a little


We now have a new mailing list:

This will be a *privately archived* mailing list (i.e.: archives only
open to the PMC or to ASF members), yet we will accept subscription
requests from anyone with an interest in helping formulate our strategy
and plans.

If you are on the mailing list (i.e.:
you are getting this email), I suspect that this might mean you!

That said, the PMC wants to continue to use marketing@ for the purpose
of open collaboration and information sharing around our various
individual and corporate marketing work that supports the Apache
CloudStack project.  IMO, it is likely that we will actually see overall
traffic on pick up over the next several
months, as we start executing on the tactics that come out of our
awareness plan.  

We will endeavour to ensure that we push as much discussion as possible
onto marketing@, and try to use press@ only for
those things that require a bit more privacy (like collaborating on
press releases and working on the strategy itself). I'd urge you to
continue to use this list as we do today.

One note: please don't confuse with!


If you are interested in helping, please subscribe to by sending an email to and following the instructions in
the confirmation email you will receive.

We will likely wait until Monday of next week to start the discussion
about the draft plan, given that we want people to have enough time to
subscribe to the press@ list before we start discussions.



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