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From Harm Boertien <>
Subject RE: GigaOm Structure Panel on Open Cloud
Date Tue, 24 Jun 2014 10:02:02 GMT
I fear she is right though, CIO's see OpenStack on the billboards everywhere, and certainly
in the news.
So we have to start playing golf (he /brainfart, how about doing an open-source golf day sponsored
by Citrix and invite some of these C-levels).

I bet you can arrange something around that with the Linux Foundation. 
Instead of trying to get the C-levels to our conferences, let's go to their golf courses.

Invite the OpenNebula's / OpenStacks / CloudStacks and let the customers talk about their
experiences with either.
Would be great if that could be pulled off.


I don't personally play golf, I know Arjan does :-).

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From: Mark Hinkle [] 
Sent: Saturday, June 21, 2014 21:25
To: <>
Subject: GigaOm Structure Panel on Open Cloud

It's interesting to see the debate between Eucalyptus, Nebula and Citrix from last week's
Structure about open source clouds. 

GigaOm - It's time to stop the open-on-open violence in cloud computing

Tidbits from the panel(video at bottom of the article):

9:30 - Chris Kemp, Nebula/OpenStack - "OpenStack is a toolkit not a product."
13:00 - Barb Darrow, GigaOm "In terms of CIOs OpenStack has won the war"
13:30 - Marten Mickos/Eucalyptus,"If you have too much money you buy VMware, if you have too
much time you use OpenStack"

The thing that is most troubling is the Barb Darrow comment...I hope she's wrong. 

Regards, Mark 

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