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From Joe Brockmeier <>
Subject Re: Meltwater news summaries need HTML
Date Mon, 16 Jun 2014 14:13:42 GMT
On 06/16/2014 09:00 AM, David Nalley wrote:
> Are you sure that's the problem?

This is the error I received after trying to mod through the message:

ezmlm-send: fatal: Sorry, after removing unacceptable MIME parts from
your message I was left with nothing (#5.7.0)
ezmlm-moderate: fatal: fatal error from child

Have I interpreted incorrectly?

> Last week, it was hitting SA before ever making it to the list,
> largely because of html. I had infra adjust the SA scores for our
> list, and provided Sally a special address to use to send meltwater
> emails to. That should have alleviated the problems. You shouldn't
> merely need to -allow the posts once.
> --David
> On Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 9:36 AM, Joe Brockmeier <> wrote:
>> Hey all,
>> So, the Meltwater news clipping service is delivered as an HTML email,
>> not plain text - which means it gets rejected by the list software.
>> We can handle this in a few different ways, the least difficult of which
>> is just to allow HTML email to the list. (Just to marketing@ - not to
>> all lists.)
>> Any objections? (FTR, I'm not a fan of HTML mail - it's an abomination -
>> but there's no getting around it in this case if we're going to get the
>> summaries sent to marketing@)
>> Best,
>> jzb
>> --
>> Joe Brockmeier
>> Twitter: @jzb

Joe Brockmeier
Twitter: @jzb

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