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From Chip Childers <>
Subject Re: Introduction; assistance with CloudStack outreach
Date Mon, 02 Jun 2014 19:18:47 GMT
Looping back to this Sally.

Have you gotten what you need?  Can we help flesh out anything in
particular?  Obviously we don't have the best material at the moment,
but we have what we have...


On Wed, May 07, 2014 at 03:52:47PM +0100, Sally Khudairi wrote:
> Hello everyone --I hope this note finds you all well.
> For those who don't know me: I am the VP of Marketing & Publicity at The Apache Software
Foundation, and have been overseeing the ASF's publicly-facing initiatives since its incorporation
15 years ago.
> I understand that CloudStack is one of the small handfuls of Apache projects with dedicated
individuals who are focused on marketing the project. This is a Very Good Thing. Your efforts
are much needed and appreciated. Thank you!
> I've subscribed to this list to become better acquainted with your day-to-day activities,
as well as to liaise with any opportunities for Apache CloudStack from the Foundation level.
The interest in Project-specific marketing is slowly growing and I'd love to be able to point
to CloudStack as one of our success stories.
> To that end, please let me know if there any specific issues that require my attention,
as well as any project milestones where we can dovetail our efforts in helping get the word
> For my edification, and to bolster my outreach activities, if you can please provide
(or point me to) the following, that would be of help:
>  - Apache CloudStack boilerplate --is there more than one version? Who owns this editorially?
>  - How we use it --demonstrate deployments of CloudStack that can be presented publicly.
Do we have any whitepapers? Use cases? 
>  - Partners --testimonials, presentations from those who use CloudStack across different
use cases/perspectives: software provider, service provider, end-user
>  - What does CloudStack mean to you? --5 word descriptors
>  - How is CloudStack better than other solutions? --who are the other players, both
usual suspects as well as up-and-comers
> Thanks so much for your help with this. Feel free to drop me a note via the Marketing
& Publicity list at or directly to
> Cheers & chat soon,
> Sally
> = = = = = 
> vox +1 617 921 8656 
> aux +1 917 725 2133 
> skype sallykhudairi

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