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From Robyn Bergeron <>
Subject Re: cloudstack survey
Date Thu, 19 Jun 2014 22:28:37 GMT

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> From: "Giles Sirett" <>
> To:
> Cc: "sebgoa" <>
> Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2014 7:08:02 AM
> Subject: cloudstack survey
> All
> I have been working with Sebastien to create a cloudstack usage adoption
> survey.
> We have a beta survey here:
> Some of you have previously given some great input on this, and I have tried
> to accommodate that input.
> Mark H shared a previous survey he put out (cloudstack pre-ASF days) .
> Although I have lifted some questions from that, I felt that a lot of it was
> generalised cloud computing questions and that including them would increase
> the overall length and potential drop out rate
> Please could I ask some people to go through this survey and provide comments
> of the questions/format


I have a bunch of comments/fixes/thoughts. (I've done this a few times, and thus just trying
to spare you guys the pain that I have lived with in the past :D)

I may have more thoughts but this is probably overwhelming enough of an email as it is. :)
If anyone has questions about my questions/comments I'm happy to elaborate. There are a couple
of typo/spelling type things but just wanted to address the bigger picture things. Or at the
bare minimum: Fixing question 28. (Detailed below.) :D


General Comments:

* Since the survey is somewhat long-ish (More than 2 minutes of work to fill out) it might
be worth looking into whether or not a token can be generated and sent to the user after filling
out their initial information so that if they can't complete it all at once, they can come
back to finish the survey from the point they were at later on.

* It may be helpful to specify something around "Who should fill out this survey?" "Users"/usage
is somewhat nebulous in this space; it might be helpfu to qualify this a little bit not necessarily
to *exclude* people, but more to ensure that people feel like their "usage" qualifies. (Somewhat
related to that: One of the pages of questions has quite a few details that I am guessing
not all "users" will necessarily know - just want to make sure they dont' get there and then
start thinking, "Oh, they want a different type of user/operator")

* Re: Free-form boxes on likes/dislikes/etc - a few things:
** When I see questions like this early on in a survey, EVEN IF THEY ARE OPTIONAL, I start
wondering if the whole survey is going to be like this and if I'm goign to have to be doing
a lot of typing, which disincentivizes me from moving on I suggest having questions like this
at the end.
** Having recently done a survey of engineers at my lovely company with free-form text boxes
- and getting 1600 respondents to each fill out 3 free-form text boxes similar to these --
(1) HOLY CRAP, it really, really sucks to go through and parse and sort and turn into anything
useful, (2) Is someone actually going to DO SOMETHING with that information. Because asking
people to spend time really thinking about this kind of stuff (and those that care really
will put their hearts into it, believe it or not) and then having nothing ever happen with
it can be less than awesome. And disincentivizing in the future.

Comments/thoughts on specific questions:

Intro comments - "we would like to... include you on our list of users" - it might be useful
to link to what that list looks like. When I read the words "include me in your list" I immediately
think I'm going to be added to a mailing list, not a wiki / web page, so adding clarity there
may be helpful. (There is a bit more clarity when you read down further into the questions
and it says "share my organisations name as a user".)

2. "The Apache CloudStack PMC can share my organisations name as a user of CloudStack" --
This might be better done as a follow-up if they are willing to be contacted. I would be willing
to guess that not everyone who thinks this is a great idea is not always going to be the person
authorized to make that decision :)

4. "Address" -- One line, not clear if city/state/province/country/postal code is required.
Also: Is this the address of my organization? Or my personal address?

7. "Where are you based" -- was this not covered in "Address"?
(And again: Is this where my company is based, or where I am based?)

8. "Where do you go for information about using CloudStack?"
* Should note that they can select all that apply.
* Suggest also using an Other box that they can fill (as part of same question)

16. "Specify the workloads that you are currently running"
* Add "select all that apply"

17. "If running other workload types" - suggest adding this as an other with #16 as "If other,
add here" - that way you get a full representation for math / percentage / etc. purposes with

BONUS on 16/17: Why is "CURRENTLY" in all caps? Is another useful question knowing what workloads
they are planning to deploy in the future?

19. What CS releases are you currently using?
* Add "I don't know"

20. NW Model
* "I don't know"

21. Network Isolation Model
* Add "I don't know"

24. Do you also use an S3 compatible object store - plz specify
* Should be a radio button "Yes, No" and then "If yes, then specify" type of question. The
survey software should be able to force this. Otherwise you're going to get a result back
that says 100% of respondents are using an S3 compatible object store, and 50% of them are
running an S3-compatible object store called "no" :) Which is not fun to weed out of results.

25. Compatability APIs.
* add "I don't know"

26. Config mgmt tools
* Perhaps add saltstack?

28. What OS do you use to run CS?
* Seriously.
* Don't make the CloudStack Monkey cry. Please add Fedora.

Would also add:
* Are you aware of our Conferences? (Have you attended, etc)

> The tool we've used (kindly donated by BT) will allow us to embed the survey
> in  - I would propose doing that once we've got the questions
> bottomed out
> Kind Regards
> Giles
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