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From Sally Khudairi <>
Subject Re: - repository of Cloudstack images and appliances
Date Wed, 25 Jun 2014 22:36:39 GMT
Cool --thanks, Lucian!

Just so I understand, this is a supporting repository and not an "official" CloudStack project
resource, correct?

If so, totally fine: please do continue as intended. If not, I suspect this might need to
reside somewhere in the* home.

I'd love feedback from the community if you're planning to give folks a peek at tomorrow's


> From: Nux! <>
>Sent: Wednesday, 25 June 2014, 15:09
>Subject: - repository of Cloudstack images and appliances
>I've been intending to do this for a while, but decided it has to happen this summer so
here goes:
> - A repository of Cloudstack images and appliances!
>Do not be fooled by it's current façade, it will get better. 
>It only has one template for now, but I expect this number to increase significantly in
the coming weeks.
>It is just what I managed to do in a very short time at $work today and thought it might
be worth a mention at tomorrow's European meeting in London.
>I'll add a lot more templates, with a focus on CentOS and Cloudstack, of course, as this
is where my interests lie at the moment. 
>In time I will add more OSes and platforms (Openstack and OpenNebula).
>The templates are built on/for KVM, but should be able to boot on a variety of hypervisors
(I think it will work on Xen/Xenserver, VMware, HyperV), although the file format is QCOW2.
>I'll have to check my resources to see if I can afford the extra disk space and CPU time
to offer VHD/RAW files as well.
>All templates are 8 GB in size unless specified otherwise.
>I'll keep the list updated.
>Comments, questions, suggestions etc welcome!
>Sent from the Delta quadrant using Borg technology!

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