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From Sally Khudairi>
Subject Re: CloudStack at conferences
Date Fri, 20 Jun 2014 20:36:39 GMT
Excellent. Thanks, David. This is great!

I'll ping with any opportunities.

+ whilst I know who you are and your credentials, do you have a bio you can point me to?

> From: David Nalley <>
>To: "" <>; Sally Khudairi
>Sent: Friday, 20 June 2014, 16:27
>Subject: Re: CloudStack at conferences
>Next week, I'll be in very close proximity to Velocity.
>I'll be attending DevOps Days Silicon Valley
>I'll be at OSCON as mentioned elsewhere; but not terribly sure past
>that at the moment.
>On Fri, Jun 20, 2014 at 4:04 PM, Sally Khudairi <> wrote:
>> Hi everyone --
>> If you (or a client/partner/*) will be attending a conference and are a) presenting
on CloudStack; b) exhibiting/showcasing CloudStack; c) willing to talk about CloudStack; or
d) any combination of a-c, then please let me know!
>> I think this would streamline the process --you let me know what and where-- and
I'll coordinate media/analyst interviews with you under separate cover. Individual queries
by-event might clutter the list.
>> Thanks so much,
>> Sally
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