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From "Giles Sirett" <>
Subject Survey & known user list
Date Fri, 27 Jun 2014 14:16:30 GMT

This sort of combines 2 recent threads.



The ACS adoption survey I've been working on is just about complete.

Sebastien has embedded in the ACS website here (only on staging)




We've also taken the known user list that Sally has been working on and
published it here:


Also notice the new top level menu item "Users"



Phase 2 would be to get a description of each company and their use & maybe
categorise them by company type

My plan is that we use the survey, ultimately, to drive the list of users
(can automate or not, that's not the important thing)


Since I published that list on , theres been a whole load of chatter
on lnkedin/twitter and I've had a few personal messages. Bascially, we have
new users coming out of the woodwork.

I think seeing the names of others published is encouraging them to "talk"

If possible, I would like to get these changes to the website live today to
harness that chatter to try and see if we can get people (who maybe wouldn't
otherwise) to complete the survey


What is the change control process on the website ? - can we just publish
these changes?  - if it requires [vote] or [discuss] on here, can we  please
do so !



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