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From Arjan Eriks <>
Subject Re: SDN talk
Date Tue, 06 May 2014 19:06:53 GMT

 From my perspective key messages are the following (simplified).

The business is always undergoing change. The fact is that change is 
always coming quicker and more drastic. This means for the CIO that he 
has less time to adjust and to adopt. He basically needs to move from 
reactive to proactive.

For this change he needs a number of things. Most of all a robust 
platform that has loads of flexibility. CloudStack has proven to be this 
platform. Especially on new style apps and on IaaS. Robust is not only 
about availability, but also on security (and compliance / audit / control).

Having that said there are some challenges for the old fashioned 
application landscapes that needs to be migrated to CloudStack 
environments. Solutions are twofold. Either you adjust your cloud 
environment a little to overcome those issues (e.g. sync storage), or 
you adjust your application landscape with some refreshes.

A hybrid model is a solution as well. And Hybrid models with SDN work 
best (not so intrusive). We always give examples of the old environments 
with SDN enabled and a fresh cloud environment with SDN enabled with the 
same IP space.

This gives the corporate world the opportunities to move forward at the 
pace they like.

 From a support perspective ShapeBlue/Citrix are there to the rescue. 
That should not be an issue as well.

 From an open source perspective, vendor lock in is way lower. And out 
of pocket is way lower as well.

For the rest all the standard cloud benefits (google on it).

Hope this helps.

Rgds, Arjan

> Chris REID <>
> 2 May 2014 12:05
> I'm attending a SDN seminar in London and I asked the organiser if 
> they would like to hear about Cloudstack.  They've offered me a 20 min 
> slot, and whilst it's not a huge amount of time I gratefully accepted.
> Because there is a business focus I'd envisaged a presentation that 
> describes how Apache and hence Cloudstack operate, release code etc., 
> and then an overview of the solution and its SDN capabilities. (My 
> background is networking and Hugo had already kindly helped me with 
> the operation of the SDN/Network Guru/Element functions.)
> Finally I could promote the Budapest event.
> I've discussed with Giles, including the fact that I'm effectively 
> giving a personal/analyst view of Cloudstack rather than any 
> representative role, but I'd I'd welcome the groups thoughts, 
> especially when talking to a more business orientated audience. What 
> are the key messages when discussing Cloudstack with the corporate world?
> Regards
> Chris
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