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From Mark Hinkle <>
Subject Re: [MARKETING] Adding a prominent "Who uses CloudStack" link
Date Wed, 30 Apr 2014 02:24:17 GMT
I agree with pushing this to the front page of<>(maybe
linking back to a wiki page).

The banner that is on<> works well. It’s not obnoxious but
refreshes a ton of logos and you could make it inclusive of all users who choose to go public.

Also on the point of the CloudStack.a.o home page, it really needs an update  It’s looking
a little bleak right now. The announcements box is empty and the huge logo is the only thing
above the fold. I know Chip chipped in(I love puns) to redo the home page last year but I
really think it could use a new refresh with logos and maybe some other information.  Right
now going to A.S.O isn’t a big confidence builder  as a prospective. I don’t have the
skills personally to update the crazy Apache CMS but I’d be glad to work with someone to
do this or if someone has the time and needs the money. I’d be happy to help fund someone’s
time to help do this at a bare minimum our home page should be updated soon probably some
other areas too if we poked around.

+1 for the idea of highlighting of complimentary technologies on c.a.o. too.


P.S. Top posted for Joe Brockmeier’s viewing pleasure

On Apr 29, 2014, at 1:00 PM, Chip Childers <<>>

On Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 04:52:19PM +0000, John Kinsella wrote:

Perhaps we should consider making this more prominant...  and putting it
on our cloudstack.a.o site instead of the wiki.  An example of another
ASF project that highlights some of it's users is Mesos [1].  Hadoop has
a large page on their wiki [2].

We put it on the wiki, with the idea that anyone could add themselves.
This was in an attempt to be as neutral as possible.  That said, since
it now requires asking on dev@ for write access to the wiki, we could
effectively do the same thing with the webpage.  We could include a "how
to get listed here" mailto: link that forwards to marketing@cs.a.o<mailto:marketing@cs.a.o>.

I think the thing is how to differentiate “prominent” users…

That's the hard part, but I think that we can figure out how to do this
in a way that rotates through logos...  or links through to a big page
with tons of logos...  or something similar.

I'd want to be careful about showing preference for one user or anther.

As an aside, perhaps we should consider something similar for projects
/ products that "integrate with" CloudStack?



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