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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: Request: Help designing a 'powered by' logo for CloudStack
Date Thu, 17 Apr 2014 20:52:22 GMT
Excellent!  I've been waiting for some projects to actually work on 
Powered By logos, so this is great - and will take a little thought.

Short answer: yes, as long as the powered by variant of the logo makes 
sense from the ways that you want third parties to use it, then make a 
proposal and we'll approve it.  I'm confident marketing@cloudstack can 
figure out the right kind of design/text you need.


Fundamentally, the "Powered By" concept is similar to Intel Inside(r) - 
that is, an official project logo that is clearly related to, but not 
the same as the underlying Apache product's logo.  This Powered By logo 
would be licensed very liberally for easy re-use by all sorts of 
organizations using that Apache product.

The only reason we call it Powered By is because the original concept 
came from the Apache HTTP Server project long, long ago.

So let's think about fundamentals (which obviously should get posted 
under /foundation/marks):

- Design process is run by the PMC who may accept any design that the 
ASF can have trademark rights to and follows applicable policies.

- Any Powered By logo is a trademark of the ASF, held on behalf of the 
project.  Graphic artists must be willing to give the ASF trademark 
rights and potentially copyright to the logo (we are happy to give a 
license back to artist and give them credit, but to preserve trademark 
rights we may need copyright assignment).

- Must be different than the official product logo.

- Must be clearly listed as an official Powered By logo for the project.

- Should be related to the official product logo.

- Should not include the feather unless the official product logo 
already has one.  (comments on this one?)

- Should suggest the operational relationship to where the logo is used: 
that is, the graphical logo or additional text displayed on it should 
suggest the relationship between the Apache product and the third party 
places where the logo is used.  (Powered By... the Apache HTTP Server; 
plugin For Apache CloudStack, etc.)

- May include text to make the relationship clear, but does not need to.

- "Powered By" and "For" are preapproved as text additions if desired. 
Other text additions may be requested by any PMC for Brand approval.  If 
you have some sort of phrase that makes sense for your product and the 
ways that your product is used (plugins, frameworks, consultants, 
trainers, whatever), let trademarks@ know and we'll approve it.

- Must not imply organizational endorsement or affiliation from the ASF 
or the Apache project.  Must not imply a controlling relationship, or 
other influence that may detract from the Apache project's independent 
PMC governance model.

- Must have a policy page on the project's website noting where their 
Powered By logo may be used by third parties without permission.  Final 
review must include VP Brand or VP Legal before calling policy official.

- Must not include the word "Sponsor" without approval from VP, 
Fundraising.  That is, ensure this doesn't improperly imply a 
sponsorship or funding relationship that conflicts or is confusingly 
similar to

What did I miss?  Anything seem off or needing changes?  Obviously, this 
needs to be cleaned up and include some rationale before posting on the 
a.o site.

- Shane

On 4/17/14 1:29 PM, Chip Childers wrote:
> (note mixed public / private lists)
> trademarks@ folks (Shane in particular) - have any thoughts about the
> point raised by Giles below?  From a trademark protection perspective,
> is it fair to consider other wording beyond "powered by"?
> On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 1:20 PM, Giles Sirett
> < <>> wrote:
>     Karen and I had a chat about this at collab____
>     As well as “powered by”, are we able to do a “proud supporters of”
>     logo ?____
>     __ __
>     My logic is that many SP’s don’t want to actually say their infa is
>     powered by any particular software (it would be great if they did,
>     but being pragmatic here) however they may go for this altenrtive.____
>     __ __
>     Also, “powered by” limits the logo to SP’s – consultancies & SI’s
>     aren’t really powered by ACS____
>     __ __
>     This **may** be something that needs to be discussed at a trademark
>     level as, I guess, some folks may feel that the word “supporter” may
>     imply a relationship with the project____
>     __ __
>     Thoughts, comments, ideas  ??____
>     Kind Regards____
>     Giles____
>     __ __
>     D: +44 20 3603 0541 <tel:%2B44%2020%203603%200541> | M: +44 796 111
>     2055 <tel:%2B44%20796%20111%202055> ____
> <>____
>     *From:*ilya musayev [
>     <>]
>     *Sent:* 17 April 2014 18:05
>     *To:*
>     <>
>     *Subject:* Re: Request: Help designing a 'powered by' logo for
>     CloudStack____
>     __ __
>     I dont have AI editor, but my 2 cents:
>     powered by - would probably look better lower cased, bold and a
>     smaller in size - but more widely spaced . Perhaps you can match the
>     font similar to apachecloudstack.
>     another way to do this is to look at header image:
>     I just realized my image is missing word Apache, though i do have a
>     feather. Need to redo it. :(( maybe i'll post some samples.____
>     On 4/17/14, 12:44 PM, John Kinsella wrote:____
>         (This is a marketing/branding thing, so I’ve dropped dev@)____
>         __ __
>         I’m bumping this thread as I don’t think we got a final answer
>         (I don’t see one)____
>         __ __
>         Arjan - according to the .ai files on [1] the font is Avenir Std
>         Heavy [2], which is not an open source font and therefore I
>         think we should consider changing (Maybe we have to as an ASF
>         project?).____
>         __ __
>         Attaching my attempt: uses “official” fonts, current colors, is
>         readable down to about 150px width on my screen (in branding
>         guidelines we should probably prescribe minimum logo size…) 3
>         color (you could print as 2 color with halftones)____
>         __ __
>         We should provide at least 2 versions of the logo - a horizontal
>         and square version for various uses. I attempted a quick try at
>         doing a “knockout” version (black&white for 1 color printing)
>         but the dual tones on the monkey means that’ll take a little
>         more time.____
>         __ __
>         Anyways, give me thoughts, and let’s get this one wrapped up!____

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