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From Prodosh Banerjee <>
Subject [MARKETING] Adding a prominent "Who uses CloudStack" link
Date Mon, 28 Apr 2014 22:07:01 GMT
Hi Everybody,

After the recent meet-up of the CloudStack community in Geneva, I would like to volunteer
to help with marketing related things. 

One of the things potential users of a technology always ask during their evaluations is “Who
is using it?”. 

At the Geneva meetup it became clear that there are plenty of users of Apache CloudStack including
a few high profile ones, so we should add a page to the About menu called “Who uses it?”
to the About menu on
This is certainly one of the things I feel that sets us apart from the other cloud technology
stacks - there is already major adoption and a large installed base of CloudStack users. 

I volunteer to put together this list and edit and maintain a “Who uses CloudStack” link
under the About menu on 
If you are OK with this, could somebody point me to the system where I can edit and maintain
such a page?


Prodosh Banerjee
Twitter: @prodosh

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