Sebastien Goasguen
5 Dec 2013 22:00
Arjan, your attachment was stripped.

Arjan Eriks
5 Dec 2013 16:12
Kirk e.a.,

I made an attempt to see if that could work out Kirk, see attached (only for reference purposes, this is not design stuff). Please check. I sized it small.

But in general you see two types of usage of "Powered by" logos. 1) as an extra glued to the bottom of a different companies logo and 2) as some sort of seal (like intel inside). Shouldnt we make both versions?

Then as a general feedback on the submission (and mine attempt as well). I do feel that we should make this first time right. So lets please keep iterating and ask for more submissions. Our image is important.

Thanks, A

Kirk Jantzer
5 Dec 2013 00:11
Daan - agreed about the balance, however disagree about the monkey. I think
if the text was a layer over the cloud, it might be more balanced, like
this: (not the same font or text, but the


Kirk Jantzer

Daan Hoogland
4 Dec 2013 22:34
I actually don't like the cute creature in there. from a graphical
stance; it ruins the balance in the logo, hanging out on the top
right. maybe because of the form factor. maybe you can try one without
the monkey and one cut in which the centre of the picture is between
the base of the monkey tail and the start of the cloud.

sorry to nag,

On Wed, Dec 4, 2013 at 10:00 PM, Laszlo Hornyak
Laszlo Hornyak
4 Dec 2013 22:00

Sending version 0.0.3:
- Complete monkey added
- "Apache" added
- Clouds more like the original logo
This also comes with some cons:
- 4 colors
- lots of text, at least compared to 0.0.1
but if you look at it scaled down to very small, it is still readable, even the monkey is so-so.

Just in case someone feels like experimenting, I also attached the up to date version of my reverse engineered cloudstack monkey with cloud.

steroidmonkey is just a bit different from the poweredbycloudstack svg, spot the difference :-)

Your feedback is welcome!

Thank you,