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From Maren Hachmann <>
Subject Logo / Name usage
Date Sun, 08 Dec 2013 20:25:15 GMT

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Hi everyone,

the m23 project ( now has an API added which
allows an administration of cloudstack vm's with m23 (create, delete,...
) and use m23's functionalities for the vm's (install Linux systems,
update, backup....). Cloudstack is not and will not be included in m23.
Users need to install their own and then enter their API key and such to
create clients in cloudstack from the m23 web interface.

I couldn't find a mailing address for the Project Management Committee,
which is mentioned as the team responsible for brand management, so I'm
sending this request here.

(How) Can we represent the fact that m23 now works with cloudstack
a) on our website
b) in the program itself
c) on our marketing material (printed)?

- From the last thread I understand that a 'powered by' logo is on the
way, but this is more a 'works with' kind of thing, as cloudstack is
only one little piece of a big cake.

I looked here:
and here:, and
from this I understand that we must ask for permission.

Where will we have to add all those (TM)s and (R)s?

Thank you!

 Maren (m23 project)

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