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From Vahric Muhtaryan <>
Subject Re: Establish Cloudstack User Group in Turkey
Date Fri, 22 Nov 2013 22:30:42 GMT
I got all thanks 
Now we have to prepare for such meetings , we have a plans and first we
will start via friends, colleagues , twitter and linkedin find and invite
the people 
In two months we will fill the Turkish web site with apache cloudstack
Then will prepare some small events
After we sure that we can touch enough people then we will have a big
session with audience
Here we will request your help , i guess you can help us to support our
meetings like send some guys who have deep knowledge , like to give
t-shorts of cloudstack or like that
Now its to early to talk but we will try to reach enough people and start
the meetings in first quarter of 2014


On 22/11/13 23:48, "Karen Vuong" <> wrote:

>Hi Vahric, 
>In addition to Radhika's advice of having regular meetups, it also helps
>to ask the audience for their feedback on the session and what they would
>like to see at future meetups. John Kinsella does a great job by doing
>this with our CloudStack Bay Area Users Group. He will usually ask the
>audience after the meetup by giving them the opportunity to raise their
>hands and give us their feedback. Another way is to post the question on
>the discussion board of your meetup group.
>I also found that sending reminders of an upcoming meetup to your members
>is helpful. With the busy schedules of attendees, many of them can easily
>forget :) 
>We started off with an Intro to CloudStack meetup
>/), then led into storage and a hands-on hacking session (which was very
>popular). You'll need at least 3-4 people running around the room
>answering their questions and giving advice during this session.
>We hold regular meetups every 45 days or so and if you have one
>scheduled, feel free to email this list with a link to your upcoming
>CloudStack meetup so that community members with credentials to the
>Apache CloudStack social media channels can promote.
>One other idea is to take pictures of your meetups and post them in the
>photos section of your meetup group. I think members love seeing the
>action and it creates an inviting feel to new members.
>Hope this helps! There's still a lot for us to learn as well but it's
>quite fun and you will start seeing repeat attendees and getting to know
>them :) 
>Best regards, 
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>From: Kelly Hair 
>Sent: Tuesday, November 19, 2013 4:44 AM
>To:; Karen Vuong
>Subject: Re: Establish Cloudstack User Group in Turkey
>Karen - in addition to Radhika¹s excellent advice, do you have anything
>to share?  
>Also, for the list, what materials can be shared to help the Turkish
>group get off the ground?
>On 11/19/13, 12:00 AM, "Radhika Puthiyetath"
><> wrote:
>>Awesome !
>>To start with, go ahead and create a user group, similar to
>>Invite CloudStack enthusiasts for talks. Have regular Meetups. Simple.
>>You can also track the CloudStack events at
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: Vahric Muhtaryan []
>>Sent: Monday, November 18, 2013 10:39 PM
>>Subject: Establish Cloudstack User Group in Turkey
>>Hello Kelly and Harm ,
>>We are looking for establish Cloudstack User Group in Turkey.
>>Now myself and my colleague Mehmet Mart, working on Apache Cloud Stack
>>for how to implement it on our environment.
>>We are woking on DorukNET and its the biggest service
>>provider and first cloud implementer in Turkey with Hyper-v and first
>>vCloud Powered Certified DC in Turkey.
>>Now also we want to open to open world.
>>We have an options like openstack but because of Mehmets have citrix
>>background and i like the apache project focused on cloudstack When we
>>work on we start to think about how we can introduce ACS in Turkey, we
>>would like to establish VMUG similar user group here.
>>Because of we are working on ISP we have  a good relations with Netapp
>>, Juniper , IBM , F5 and we also want to see all this plugins
>>functionality with ACS Also start to write something in my blog because
>>when you search something about cloudstack mostly cloudstack owen
>>documents appearing and we believe to create more articles on our
>>Now we would like to learn can we establish such thing in Turkey ? What
>>is the requirement and how you can help us to improve it.
>>Vahric Muhtaryan

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