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From Vahric Muhtaryan <>
Subject Re: Establish Cloudstack User Group in Turkey
Date Thu, 21 Nov 2013 08:17:09 GMT
Hello , 

We have some questions ;

Cloudstack can provide us subdomain , for example to create a web site /
blog we would like to use , is it possible ?
If not can we use cloudstack name on web site and twitter like
@CloudStackTRUG for twitter user group and for web
site , using the name cause any issue , what thing we have to care about
it ? 


On 19/11/13 22:52, "Vahric Muhtaryan" <> wrote:

>Hello Karen , 
>Also we would like to create web site for Turkish ACS Group , anything we
>have to care about it ? Any requirements are available or not ?
>On 19/11/13 14:43, "Kelly Hair" <> wrote:
>>Karen - in addition to Radhika┬╣s excellent advice, do you have anything
>>Also, for the list, what materials can be shared to help the Turkish
>>get off the ground?
>>On 11/19/13, 12:00 AM, "Radhika Puthiyetath"
>><> wrote:
>>>Awesome !
>>>To start with, go ahead and create a user group, similar to
>>>Invite CloudStack enthusiasts for talks. Have regular Meetups. Simple.
>>>You can also track the CloudStack events at
>>>-----Original Message-----
>>>From: Vahric Muhtaryan []
>>>Sent: Monday, November 18, 2013 10:39 PM
>>>Subject: Establish Cloudstack User Group in Turkey
>>>Hello Kelly and Harm ,
>>>We are looking for establish Cloudstack User Group in Turkey.
>>>Now myself and my colleague Mehmet Mart, working on Apache Cloud Stack
>>>for how to implement it on our environment.
>>>We are woking on DorukNET and its the biggest service
>>>provider and first cloud implementer in Turkey with Hyper-v and first
>>>vCloud Powered Certified DC in Turkey.
>>>Now also we want to open to open world.
>>>We have an options like openstack but because of Mehmets have citrix
>>>background and i like the apache project focused on cloudstack When we
>>>work on we start to think about how we can introduce ACS in Turkey, we
>>>would like to establish VMUG similar user group here.
>>>Because of we are working on ISP we have  a good relations with Netapp ,
>>>Juniper , IBM , F5 and we also want to see all this plugins
>>>with ACS Also start to write something in my blog because when you
>>>something about cloudstack mostly cloudstack owen documents appearing
>>>we believe to create more articles on our blogs.
>>>Now we would like to learn can we establish such thing in Turkey ? What
>>>is the requirement and how you can help us to improve it.
>>>Vahric Muhtaryan

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