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From Mathias Mullins <>
Subject Re: CloudStack MS on Windows - thoughts?
Date Thu, 21 Nov 2013 14:31:00 GMT
Ilya, your on the right path here. I think many of you know that I work in
the field for the Citrix side of things, and I¹ve had several user
requests for this because they don¹t have the knowledge base in Linux to
keep up with it. I think it would help with adoption significantly.

Now trying to build Azure ZonesŠ That¹s a really cool thought, but I would
expand that to the bad letters AWS as well. It would give us a huge
advantage that OS and Euca couldn¹t even start to touch. We would really
have a true Public / Private / Hybrid solution. Isn¹t that what the
original CloudBridge module in CloudStack code was about?


On 11/21/13, 9:02 AM, "Steve Wilson" <> wrote:

>I think the general idea of having CloudStock "Windowsified" is great.
>Anyone have any experience building Windows installers who'd want to help
>with this?  I think Citrix is willing to put some effort into it.
>On 11/21/13 1:43 AM, "John Kinsella" <> wrote:
>>On Nov 20, 2013, at 4:26 PM, "Musayev, Ilya"
>> wrote:
>>Geralyn has a good point. I don't think you can mix Azure PaaS and ACS
>>IaaS. To best of my knowledge,  Microsofts PaaS solution is not something
>>you can implement in-house. Its a hosted service by MS.
>>From what I've read earlier this week, this is incorrect and is what has
>>caught my interest. MS now has a "Windows Azure Pack" which allows
>>enterprises or service providers to provide Azure services in their own
>>I haven't dug in much past the glossies, but the question to be seen is
>>can we run parts of that on top of an ACS cloud. My guess is yes.
>>Anyways, I'll leave the tech convo off the marketing list and bring up on
>>dev at the appropriate time. Was just saying it looks like there's a
>>possibility here, and if so it'd be a fun PR stunt.
>>If we can team up with openshift and cloudify guys and do a joint cross
>>marketing venture it will help as well. Maybe plugins into each on
>>application level or just set of videos on how to run ACS and PaaS.
>>I poked a bit at the openshift dude when he was at CloudStack collab in
>>Santa Clara, asking what RH's plans were to work closer with ACS. The
>>response was more or less "if you write something so we integrate
>>tighter, we'd love to see it."[2]
>>2: And make money off it.

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