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From Mathias Mullins <>
Subject Re: Introducing myself
Date Wed, 09 Oct 2013 21:55:59 GMT
Welcome Reuven! Nice to have you aboard!


On 10/9/13 4:29 PM, "Reuven Cohen" <> wrote:

>Hi everyone, I've been lurking on the mailing list for awhile. I wanted
>to <finally> introduce myself.
>Some of you may already know me from my earlier days in the Cloud world
>as the founder of Enomaly.  We created the GPLv2/AGPL Enomalism (Elastic
>Computing Platform - ECP) back in 2005, an early IaaS platform.  Then, a
>group of us started CloudCamp in 2008 which grew to about 300 cities and
>co-authored the Open Cloud Manifesto in 2009. Long story short. Cloud
>infrastructure guy.
>I'm now at Citrix as Chief Advocate, what's that? Well it's hard to
>describe.. I'm a connector, promoter, sometime rainmaker and whale
>hunter. :)
>I'm open to chatting with anyone, about anything. Just ping me.
>Reuven Cohen
>Chief Cloud Advocate, Citrix

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