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From Chip Childers <>
Subject Can the project use the Monkey Face Logo from the last Collab Conference?
Date Wed, 02 Oct 2013 14:06:48 GMT

One of the things that trademarks@ has asked us to do, is to create a
"powered by" logo for the project.  I've been thinking that it would be
really neat to use the monkey "head" logo that you created for the
conference in santa clara as the inside of a "circle" style logo, with
the words "Powered By Apache CloudStack" wrapping around it.

Would you be willing to donate that design to the project, so that we
could use it for this (and other) purposes?  If so, would you be able to
send me (directly, as the list strips attachments) the source vector

I'm a big fan of that specific treatment of the monkey, and I think that
it's distinct enough from the other monkey (put on our new homepage) to
work well for the "powered by" use case.

If you're not willing, no harm / foul!  I'll work on something myself
and see if I can get a good enough look to it.


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