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From Kimihiko Kitase <>
Subject 2013-08-01 Japanese CloudStack Community Weekly Update
Date Thu, 01 Aug 2013 02:59:35 GMT
We started to post Japanese CloudStack Community Weekly Update. 

# # #

# New board member
	Tadashi Mishima: He was the member of Open Source Conference committee. And now he works
for cloud implementation at major SIer in Japan. He helped CloudStack community at LinuxCon
and CloudOpen Japan and had a ZABBIX and CloudStack session at OSS Monitoring study group.

# Next board meeting
	8/9 18:00 at Creationline

# Projects
## Globalization (L10n / i18n) (led by Chiba san and Shimazaki san)
	Chiba san is mainly working for 4.2 localization

## Develop OSS Cloud Certification
	LPI Japan is very positive to build new certification, OSS Cloud based on Apache CloudStack.
LPI Japan almost agreed. Final decision will be done by the beginning of August.

## 4.1 / 4.2 evaluation project (led by Oge san from JCSUG))
	# Project page: 
	# Theme
		1 : VM Snapshots, FS Investigate and add back KVM snapshot support
		2 : Resize Data Volumes, CPU and RAM Overcommit
		3 : AWS-Style Regions, S3-based secondary Storage
		4 : Site-to-Site VPN 2.0
		5 : IPv6 support, Add Remove Networks to VMs, Persistent Networks
		6 : API Request Throttling
		7 : Cloudstack Ceph RBD Setup
			Nakajima san, Shimazaki san and Kimi worked with Fujitsu storage team for this validation.
		8 : AutoScaling
		9 : Upgrade from old version to 4.1
# Media communications / Books
	# CloudStack book (from Shoueisha): Published on 2013/01/29 
		Printed: 1st: 3000, 2nd: 2500
		Books sold by 2013/06/04 since 2013/01/29: 3087
		Electric version: 
		Created CloudStack Book digest video:

	# Another CloudStack book covered 4.1(from Impress): 
		Oge san is writing now.
	# CloudStack serialization at IT Media
		Creationline has posted 12 articles since

## Event
	[7/14] July Tech Festa: JCSUG will have a session. 
		Koshimizu san had a session, She
has selected best speaker in this events.
	[8/2] 13th Japan CloudStack User Group Meeting in Osaka: 
		1. CCC13 report
		2. Snapshot deep dive
		3. Autoscale deep dive
		4. CloudStack + Ceph/RBD
		5. Other 4.1 new feature deep dive
		6. CloudStack LXC
		7. CloudStack + Scalr / CloudStack API
		8. CloudStack + Nicira
		9. KDDI session TBD
	[8/2, 3] OSC Kyoto: JCSUG will have a session and booth.
Created new banner and flyer.
	[8/E] 14th Japan CloudStack User Group Meeting in Tokoyo: Under consideration.
	[9/3] Cloud Show Japan: JCSUG will have a session.
	[9/14] OSC Hokkaido: JCSUG will have a session and booth.
	[10/19, 20]: OSC Tokyo: JCSUG will have a session and booth.
	[11/16] OSC Fukuoka: JCSUG may have a session and booth.
	[2014/2/E] CloudStack Day: JCSUG started to consider CloudStack 1 day event on Feb, 2014.
Not decided yet.
If you have any comment, please let know.

JCSUG (Japan CloudStack User Group)

Twitter: @cloudstackja
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