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From Nux! <>
Subject Re: CloudStack Press Article
Date Thu, 25 Jul 2013 17:46:36 GMT
On 25.07.2013 18:21, Geoff Higginbottom wrote:
> Now I'm first to admit I'm not an OpenStack expert, so if there are
> any more knowledgeable people out there could you please highlight
> some areas where CloudStack excels.
> In addition they want a brief list of the top features of CloudStack
> for a 'call out box' etc.  As there are many great features, I am
> again happy to take suggestions.

Hi Geoff,

Not an expert on any of the Stacks, but from the little experience I 
have the selling points of Cloudstack for me are:

1 - it is a Cloud platform, as well as a VPS platform - Openstack is a 
pure-blooded cloud platform targeted more at the power users and 
developers, whereas with Cloudstack one can also run old-school VPSes[1] 
where the user can (re)set a root password, schedule automated backups 
(snapshots), download the vHDD of it's VM and so on.

2 - Cloudstack seems more flexible integrating with existing data 
centre infrastrucure, easier to add into existing network, with random 
vlan setups and so on. In this regard Cloudstack also gets closer to 
"virtual data centre" software such as VCentre or oVirt.

I'm sure the above can be achieved on Openstack as well, but not as 
easily and certainly not from their UI.

My 2 humble pence. :)


[1] - where Cloud = api enabled and controlled, elastic way of mass 
setting up and managing virtual machines and
VPS = the traditional paradigm of running a dedicated server and its 
additional services (backups etc) but in a virtual way. Hope this makes 

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