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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: Permission to use the Apache Cloud Stack Logo on CloudBand Ecosystem Progra
Date Sun, 28 Jul 2013 16:57:57 GMT
Thanks Chip for the excellent summary.  The Apache Software Foundation 
(ASF) and it's projects like the Apache CloudStack project are always 
happy when third parties wish to make note of the various Apache 
software products that you use in your solutions.  However we need to 
ensure that Apache brands are respected in the ways that Chip outlined 

 From a brief look at your website, I would imagine that use of the 
Apache Cloudstack logo or name as a mention of the software you use or 
integrate with would be appropriate, much like I see your statement in 
your CloudBand product page that goes: " addition, Alcatel-Lucent 
utilizes Apache CloudStack® in the CloudBand Management System, and 
supports the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud™ (EC2)."

However as Chip notes, listing Apache CloudStack as a "partner" or 
"Vendor" working with your project is not appropriate.

For some background information, I suggest also reading the below in 
conjunction with the links Chip provided, which provides some important 
rationale for Apache branding.  We are happy to have people talk about 
Apache software products, however we need to ensure that end users and 
the general public understand Apache projects themselves are built 
independently from vendors:

- Shane Curcuru
   VP, Brand Management
   The Apache Software Foundation

On 7/25/13 10:00 AM, Chip Childers wrote:
> (note mixed public / private lists)
> Debbie,
> Thanks for asking.  I've cc'ed the ASF trademarks list for their input
> and / or clarification to anything I say below.
> It's important to note that the project itself can't be a "partner" with
> any organizations.  As that page stands today, I think it would be confusing
> to include the Apache CloudStack logo in a list of partners.  Perhaps
> the use of the mark would be more appropriately listed as a "technical
> integration" option or something similar.  You are, of course, welcome
> to reference the project as something you support / like / whatnot
> (assuming you comply with our trademark usage policies).
> That being said, the relevant policies that explain what you can and
> can't do with the logo on a website are here:
> The first is Apache CloudStack specific, while the second is the
> official ASF-wide policy.
> trademarks@ folks, have I stated things accurately?
> -chip
> On Wed, Jul 24, 2013 at 04:39:26PM +0000, Bradshaw, Debbie (Debbie) wrote:
>> We use CloudStack APIs in our CloudBand Product. We recently launched a new NFV ecosystem
community at we would like your permission to use the Apache
CloudStack Logo, in our platform partners section on the home page?
>> Thank you,
>> Debbie
>> Debbie Bradshaw
>> Networks & Platforms Marketing
>> CloudBand Business Unit
>> M: 949.412.7766

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