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From Kelly Hair <>
Subject Re: CloudStack vs OpenStack comparison?
Date Fri, 21 Jun 2013 16:45:23 GMT

High level comparison of CloudStack vs. OpenStack:

* Product vs. project focus
* Simplicity vs. Complexity
* Scalable vs. non-scalable
* Enterprise & "Amazon style" vs. "Amazon style" workload support
* AWS compatibility  vs. OpenStack specific API
* Maturity of CloudStack vs. OpenStack

Product vs. project focus

CloudStack is an integrated product complete with a working portal and
multiple APIs (CloudStack API or AWS EC2).  OpenStack is a promising set
of projects (think there's 15 now but I may be corrected).

Simplicity vs. Complexity

rch-folsom.png   A picture is worth a thousand words :)  Anyhow, this
translates to longer POCs and longer integration cycles, so while that's
great for integrators, it's not so wonderful for the end customer.

Scalable vs. non-scalable

I may need to be updated on this but I think OpenStack's Nova can only
support ~ 500 physical hosts.  This may have increased in Grizzly but not
sure.  Anyhow, Apache CloudStack (ACS) can scale ~ 5K hosts per management
server.  In addition, ACS is horizontally scalable so just keep adding as
you need to and load balance the Management servers.

Two workloads

Apache CloudStack can support not only the newer "Amazon style"
architectures but also traditional architectures generally deployed on
VMware vSphere.   OpenStack is focused on the "Amazon style" only.

AWS EC2 Compatibility

Both Apache CloudStack & Eucalyptus have emphasized AWS EC2 API fidelity.
One can use either the CloudStack API or EC2 API so there's a choice.
OpenStack has its own API that's different.  Some of that may be
historical as Rackspace is competing with AWS.  However, there has not
been an emphasis in the OpenStack community to support EC2.   We all know
Amazon is the 800lb gorilla!


OpenStack is making excellent strides in this department but maturity
happens over years.  Apache CloudStack has a history that dates back to
2008 when a startup called VMOps set out to provide software for companies
to build their own Amazon like clouds.   VMOps bought the name,
and then in 2011, Citrix bought   Over the years, the product
matured and Citrix alone has over 150 paying customers that have used the
software to build IaaS clouds.   In 2012, the software was donated to the
Apache Software Foundation & it graduated in March 2013 as a full fledged,
top level project. 

Again, OpenStack has a number of big name vendors spending a massive
amount of money to promote it.   The difference with CloudStack is that it
is much more of a member/user driven community rather.

Extra Bonus:

I'd suggest reading this article as well:
dy-than-openstack-1.html  Both Chris & Ilya from WebMD frequent the
mailing lists. 

Hope this helps!


On 6/21/13 12:20 PM, "Prodosh Banerjee" <> wrote:

>A potential client is looking for a comparison between CloudStack and
>OpenStack. So far, I came up with the following:
>I was wondering if you had any more or better suggestions?
>This is useful information for all of us who are trying to sell
>CloudStack based solutions and it might be useful to have a package of
>such information in circulation for all of us to use.
>Thanks in advance and best regards
>Prodosh Banerjee
>Managing Partner, Anolim GmbH
>Tel: +41 43 541 5704
>Skype: p.banerjee
>Alte Landstrasse 64
>8800 Thalwil

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