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From Kimihiko Kitase <>
Subject 2013-06-13 Japanese CloudStack Community Weekly Update
Date Thu, 13 Jun 2013 10:20:08 GMT
We start to post Japanese CloudStack Community Weekly Update from this week, because most of
Japanese hesitate to post English into general English mailing list. So I just wants to let
you know summary of Japanese community status as representative of JCSUG (Japan CloudStack
User Group)

# # #

###New board member
	Kawai san (Stratosphere) and Houjou san (KDDI) joined into board member of JCSUG.

##Globalization (L10n / i18n) (led by Chiba san and Shimazaki san)
	Chiba san and Shimazaki san will organize Doc Sprint for 2 times June and July.

##4.1 evaluation project (led by Oge san from JCSUG))
	#Project page: 
		1 : VM Snapshots, FS Investigate and add back KVM snapshot support
		2 : Resize Data Volumes, CPU and RAM Overcommit
		3 : AWS-Style Regions, S3-based secondary Storage
		4 : Site-to-Site VPN 2.0
		5 : IPv6 support, Add Remove Networks to VMs, Persistent Networks
		6 : API Request Throttling
		7 : Cloudstack Ceph RBD Setup
		8 : AutoScaling
		9 : Upgrade from old version to 4.1
	#CloudStack book (from Shoueisha): Published on 2013/01/29 
		Printed: 1st: 3000, 2nd: 2500
		Books sold by 2013/06/04 since 2013/01/29: 3087
		*According to publisher, this number is really amazing number. They really appreciate CloudStack
community. That's why they are willing to help us at events. E.g. they bring books and panel
and sell their books at cloudstack booth.
		Electric version: 
		Created CloudStack Book digest video: 
	#Another CloudStack book covered 4.1(from Impress): 
		Oge san is writing now.

##Certification program (led by Kimi)
	Discussing with LPI-Japan to create OSS Cloud certification based on Apache CloudStack.

[04/16] CloudStack Book Reading 1st. Done
	Approx 100 attendances 
[05/14] CloudStack Book Reading 2nd. Done
	Approx 100 attendances 

[05/29 - 05/31] LinuxCon Japan Tokyo: Done
	#Attendances for LinuxCon / CloudOpen Japan I will check
		Registration: 706
		Attendances: 670
	#20 volunteers helped CloudStack and Xen booth. 
	#1st Day
		David had panel discussion with Google, Rackspace, NTT and Red Hat.
		David had a session " Building a test/dev cloud with Apache CloudStack"
	#2nd Day
		Lars had a session "10 years of Xen and beyond"
	#3rd Day
		Kimi and Kawai san (Stratosphere / committer) had a session, "CloudStack Networking"
	#Publisher (Shoueisya) sold books at CloudStack and Xen booth
		3 Xen books and 4 CloudStack books were sold in LinuxCon.
[5/25] OSC .cloud Osaka. Koshimizu san from JCSUG had a session.
[6/18] CloudStack Japanese Doc Sprint. 
[8/2] Suzuki san will organize CloudStack Study Meeting in Osaka
[8/2, 3] OSC Kyoto. Someone from JCSUG will have a session.

If you have any comment, please let admin at know.


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