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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: CloudStack Trademark Approval for OSCON signage and
Date Fri, 28 Jun 2013 00:39:59 GMT
+1 from trademarks@

Rationale:  This is using the Apache Cloudstack logo unmodified, in a 
list format with other software products.  The meaning is clear and 
explicit in the phrase "Citrix supports open source", with the listing 
of obvious software products; this is nominative use and any informed 
consumer would understand the reference.

Citrix then goes on (bottom half) to describe the cool stuff that they 
do with this list of open source software products, which is obviously 
all their own products and branding.

Just saying, this is a classic example of a good brand use.  When used 
in a list format (i.e. several obvious software products from different 
vendors) and with an explicit "we use this" or "we support these" or the 
like, it's clearly nominative use.  Technically nominative use doesn't 
even require asking us for permission, even on an event banner or other 
marketing materials - although we always appreciate vendors who ask for 

- Shane

Hope everyone enjoys OSCON, wish I could make it...

On 6/27/13 1:59 PM, Chip Childers wrote:
> On Thursday, June 27, 2013, Mark Hinkle wrote:
>     We would like permission to use the Apache CloudStack logo in
>     our(Citrix) signage at OSCON. Here's the markup:
>     Format would be a banner and potentially print in OSCON program/bag
>     drops. Thanks for your consideration.
>     Thanks, Mark
> Mark - this is the CloudStack PMC ACK.  I've included trademarks@ for
> their lazy consensus.  Please wait 72 hours to see if anyone objects on
> either list, and consider this approved if there are no issues raised.
> +1 from me personally
>   -chip

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