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From Chip Childers <>
Subject Re: OSCON Exhibition and other Activities
Date Tue, 11 Jun 2013 18:29:11 GMT
(note mixed pub / private lists please)

On Tue, Jun 11, 2013 at 05:35:30PM +0000, Mark Hinkle wrote:
> The booth will be a 20x20 space with four pods with tower dedicated to each individual
project. The center will have have a gaming area (XBox) and the Open@Citrix brand for the
Citrix Open Source Office.
> Each tower is a clearly distinct project pod for each -- Apache CloudStack, Xen Project,
 Linux Foundation's Open Daylight and a fourth project we are working on launching that is
complimentary to the other three.
> Each open source project will be offered a 3' table and accompanying wall mounted screen.
> On the screen we are asking each project to provide a looping presentation and then on
the desktop they'll  be able to give a demo via a laptop if they so chose.
> Here's a rough rendering of the design -

IMO, this seems fine, and would be a benefit to the Apache CloudStack
project.  trademarks@, could you please review and comment if you have
any concerns.  I'm personally +1.

> As for the poker party the even is a Citrix event and then each table would have a placard
with their project logo.We would encourage each project to have members there to in I believe
that some of the Apache members were in attendance last year. I recall we had Gluster, Ceph,
CloudStack, Puppet, etc. I would point out that this is the second time we would be doing
this and we were approved last year and I believe that some of the Apache folks might have
been at the event. We don't plan to modify the format if that was acceptable.
> Here are some pictures of last year's event, no overt Citrix branding, each table had
a placard so like-minded individuals could cluster around their favorite projects:
> Xen Project Table - See Placard - OSCON branded with Xen Project
> A typical table - Robyn Bergeron from Fedora brought the playing cards last year
> Sarah Novotny - OSCON Conference chair had a "bounty" prize for whoever knocked her out
of the poker tourney:

I'm also personally +1 on the "Apache CloudStack" table at the poker party.  Thanks
for sharing the photos.  It looks like it was a fun event!

> I hope that helps.

It did for me.  Thanks for the details Mark.

Please consider this the CloudStack PMC "ACK", so we should leave this
issue open for 72 hours for lazy consensus of the PMC and trademarks@

We do have the non-software goods to approve when those
designs are ready, but if they use the appropriate logo files
linked to from our trademark guidelines [1] it'll hopefully be an easy

> Regards, Mark



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