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From Kelly Hair <>
Subject Re: Events, Great News!
Date Thu, 02 May 2013 17:52:27 GMT
Excellent!  Seeing three main use cases coming up in conversations:
- General purpose cloud
- DevOps 
- ITaaS

For DevOps, any feedback/whitepapers created from the conference and how
CloudStack plays into this would be very interesting.  At the end of the
day, CloudStack, as an IaaS, will only be part of the solution.
Generally it's a layer integrated with a PaaS, some sort of configuration
management (Puppet or Chef), some sort of code repository (Git, ALM, CVS)
and perhaps some CI/CD platform (say Jenkins or Grails).   I've drawn out
pictures to illustrate but I'm not as deep on the software development
side to document this as well as others on one of these lists (probably
not marketing but either users or dev..)

I have customers that are looking for solutions and DevOps is VERY
interesting.   Can anyone share more on this topic?  YesŠ I realize
there's probably a million facets to cover but generalization is fine by

On 5/2/13 1:31 PM, "Joe Brockmeier" <> wrote:

>On Thu, May 2, 2013, at 12:15 PM, Kelcey Damage (BT) wrote:
>> In partnership with several major players, we will be creating DevOps
>> Days ­ Vancouver. We expect to start planning next week, and shoot for a
>> late summer early fall event date. I would like to be able to have a
>> CloudStack presence at this event. Since I¹m co-chairing the event, I
>> don¹t want any potential conflicts of interest.
>Woo, Vancouver! (Please make sure you're not conflicting with
>LinuxCon/CloudOpen and OSCON)
>> Would anyone be able to advise me as to the best course of action? Or
>> there any volunteers willing to come to Vancouver and run a booth?
>Will there be a charge for a booth?
>Joe Brockmeier
>Twitter: @jzb

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