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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Typical process for getting approval for events/sponsorship
Date Tue, 16 Apr 2013 13:47:20 GMT
On 10 April 2013 00:21, Noah Slater <> wrote:
> Gotcha.
> I guess the source of my confusion here is what "PMC approval" actually
> means, in practice. My knee-jerk reaction was that private@ should be CCed
> or something. But I guess, as a project, we are free to say that we're going
> to be doing event/sponsership proposals on marketing@ and they can pass by
> lazy consensus there. And if you're a PMC member and you want input into
> that, then you had better subscribe to the marketing@ list. Does that sound
> about right? If so, I expect we'll want to at least write that down
> somewhere.

That sounds perfectly reasonable to me, as long as your PMC agrees. As
a courtesy I'd probably notify the broader community if there were
anything controversial but in most cases there won't be controversy
and there will be no need to involve the whole community.

Having said that I never like to have highly focussed lists.
Personally I'd conduct the marketing stuff on the dev list. But you
are free, as a PMC, to define that yourself. You know the volume of
mail these lists is creating and thus you know when to split them,
it's just my experience is to do it a good while after the first,
second, third and even fourth proposal to do so ;-)

All we (ConCom) care about is that your events conform to the
trademark policies. So, as long as you have a way of enforcing those
policies then all is good.

> I also expect that we should add a step to the event/sponsorship approval
> process that includes *notifying* ConCom, but makes it explicit that this
> isn't an approval step. Is the preferred address for that?

I hope that we (ConCom) get our act together one day and maintain a
calendar of events our projects are engaged in. Notifying us of these
is a good start. It also provides that extra sanity check on your
approval process, but you should consider it lazy consensus. is (today) the right list. Nick is in the process of
updating the way the lists work and that may change.

> And would you prefer it as a CC on the original proposal, or as a
> notification once the proposal passes?

Personally I don't care and since nobody has spoken up I guess none of us do ;-)

Thanks for progressing this. Another thing I hope ConCom will do in
the near future is point projects to your event management process as
an example of how to do it.


> Thanks!
> On 9 April 2013 23:56, Ross Gardler <> wrote:
>> Hi Noah,
>> As with so many things around here it's all a little ill-defined. My
>> reading of the tea leaves would say...
>> - Since you are seeking permission to spend third party cash supporting an
>> ASF project, and are not using foundation level brands to further a
>> companies interests beyond a specific project there is no need to seek
>> approval from ConCom
>> - You do need approval from the project PMC to use project branding at
>> these events. It is up to the PMC to decide how that approval is sought. I
>> note that your wiki page at [1] has some pretty good guidelines for when
>> such approval is needed (note my statement above means you can relax
>> the one about event sponsorship, assuming nobody here disagrees with me).
>> - As for how to get PMC approval I would, again, suggest this is up to the
>> PMCs. I'm always in favour of using lazy consensus as much as possible. So
>> if your PMC were to agree with my view then a mail to the designated list
>> (sometimes people want to keep financial information private) plus a
>> minimum of 72 hours for objections to be raised would be sufficient. Such
>> a
>> policy can always be revisited if people start to abuse it.
>> Originally ConCom approval was required for all events. However, we have
>> no
>> switched to a model of lazy consensus on the use of project brands since
>> we
>> were failing to give a timely response in some cases. Where ConCom should
>> be involved is if you are using foundation level brands.
>> It's also good practice (if not required) to notify ConCom of events your
>> PMC has approved since we might be able to help get the word out and/or
>> support your efforts in other ways.
>> [ASIDE: See you at LinuxTag in May]
>> Ross
>> [1]
>> On 9 April 2013 23:32, Noah Slater <> wrote:
>> > (Note the mixing of public and private lists.)
>> >
>> > ConCom folks,
>> >
>> > Please see this thread:
>> >
>> >     Events Approval
>> >
>> >
>> > The first email should be enough. No need to read it all.
>> >
>> > So, what I'm wondering is: what is the typical process for getting
>> > approval for events or event sponsorship like this?
>> >
>> > Does ConCom need to be notified every time? Or is there a threshold? So,
>> > for example, if you're just doing a small meet-up, then there's no need.
>> >
>> > Also, I understand that project PMCs typically need to approve events,
>> > sponsorship, and branding proposals. Do you know how this is usually
>> > done?
>> > Would an a proposal like that be made to the dev@ list? Is that
>> > sufficient to demonstrate PMC approval? Or are these requests usually
>> > CCed
>> > to private@ also? Note in this instance, the request as made to
>> > marketing@,
>> > which is a public list, but was split off from dev@ for convenience.
>> >
>> > Thanks!
>> >
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>> > NS
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>> Programme Leader (Open Development)
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