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From Joe Brockmeier <>
Subject [DRAFT] 4.1.0 Release Announcement
Date Mon, 01 Apr 2013 22:26:44 GMT
Hey all,

This is a draft of the 4.1.0 release announcement - since we're getting
close to the release, we should get this nailed down by Wednesday or
Thursday. I'll take point on gathering feedback and getting this
finalized. Once we have a more-or-less final draft, I'll loop Sally in. 

# Apache CloudStack 4.1.0 Released

The Apache CloudStack project is pleased to announce the 4.1.0 release
of the CloudStack Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud orchestration
platform. This is the first major release from Apache CloudStack since
its graduation from the Apache Incubator on March 20th. 

Apache CloudStack is an integrated software platform that allows users
to build a feature-rich IaaS. CloudStack includes an intuitive user
interface and rich API for managing the compute, networking, accounting,
and storage for private, hybrid, or public clouds. 

The 4.1.0 release represents more than five months of development effort
by the Apache CloudStack community. The release includes many new
features and bugfixes from the 4.0.x cycle. The 4.1.0 release also marks
major changes in the codebase to make CloudStack easier for developers,
a new structure for creating RPM/Debian packages, and completes the
changeover to using Maven as a build tool.

## New Features

Some of the notable new features in Apache CloudStack 4.1.0 include:

* An API discovery service that allows an end point to list its
supported APIs and their details.
* Added an Events Framework to CloudStack to provide an "event bus" with
publish, subscribe, and unsubscribe semantics. Includes a RabbitMQ
plugin that can interact with AMQP servers. Introduces the notion of a
state change event. 
* Implement L3 router functionality in the Nicira NVP plugin. 
* API request throttling to prevent attacks via frequent API requests. 
* AWS-style regions. 
* Egress firewall rules for guest networks. 
* Resizing root and data volumes. 
* Reset SSH key to access VMs. 
* Support for EC2 Query API. 
* Auto Scaling support in conjunction with load balancing devices such
as NetScaler.

## Downloads 

The official source is available from:

In addition to the official source code release, individual contributors
have also made convenience binaries available. You can find links to the
convenience binaries on the download page as well. 

## About Apache CloudStack

Apache CloudStack is a complete software suite for creating
Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) clouds. Target environments include
service providers and enterprises. It is used by many service providers
to set up an on-demand, elastic cloud computing services and by
enterprises to set up a private cloud for use by their own employees.
Apache CloudStack is also available to individuals and organizations
that wish to study and implement an IaaS for personal, educational,
and/or production use.

Further information on Apache CloudStack can be found at

# # #


Joe Brockmeier
Twitter: @jzb

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