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From Mark Hinkle <>
Subject Re: CloudStack Laynard Sponsorship at ChefConf#13
Date Thu, 21 Mar 2013 02:07:07 GMT
On 3/7/13 8:05 PM, "Mark Hinkle" <> wrote:

>Reposting due to formatting problems with last reply..sorry for the
>inconvenience.  Update is bottom-posted.
>On Feb 27, 2013, at 10:17 AM, Chip Childers <>
>> On Tue, Feb 26, 2013 at 06:25:20PM -0500, Mark Hinkle wrote:
>>> On 2/26/13 1:16 PM, "Chip Childers" <> wrote:
>>>> On Tue, Feb 26, 2013 at 04:04:34PM -0500, Chip Childers wrote:
>>>>> On Tue, Feb 26, 2013 at 02:39:53PM -0500, Mark Hinkle wrote:
>>>>>> I have the Lanyard sponsorship for #ChefConf this year on April
>>>>> 24-26:
>>>>>> I was planning on donating the sponsorship to Apache CloudStack to
>>>>> help raise the project profile I know we have quite a few Chef users
>>>>>> Basically we get the CloudStack logo on the lanyards and a 50 word
>>>>> blurb for the ChefConf#13 website.
>>>>>> Any thought? Mark
>>>>> Hi Mark,
>>>>> Thanks for bringing this to the list.  David recently posted a Draft
>>>>> brand management guideline document [1], which I think we should use
>>>>> responding to this request (helping determine if it's reasonable and
>>>>> useful for the project with a real-live test case).
>>>>> I believe the relevant section is:
>>>>>  Sponsoring Events:
>>>>>    Sponsoring events can provide good visibility for the project,
>>>>> however it frequently
>>>>>    requires funds that the project does not have access to. Many
>>>>> outside organizations
>>>>>    wish to provide this type of visibility.
>>>>>    In addition to gaining the approval of ConCom the following is
>>>>> required:
>>>>>    * Sponsorship discussed and approved on the cloudstack-marketing
>>>>> list. Approval is given by the (P)PMC.
>>>>>    * Sponsorship must be provided with no additional affiliation -
>>>>> only project provided marks used.
>>>>>    * At least one committer must be planning to represent the
>>>>> So given those draft requirements, obviously this is the first one
>>>>> (although we'll
>>>>> need to approve after discussion).  Can you comment on the
>>>>> question?  And
>>>>> is a committer going to be present?
>>>>> Thanks for working with us on this, as we are trying to get a handle
>>>>> our project's
>>>>> brand management responsibilities.
>>>>> -chip
>>>>> [1] 
>>>>> es+(DRAFT)
>>>> I also realized that you mentioned the lanyard itself!  That triggers
>>>> another relevant section:
>>>> Non-software goods
>>>>   * Without explicit written permission, goods bearing any of the
>>>>   CloudStack marks may not be sold.
>>>>   * Designs for non-software goods require both PMC approval and
>>>>   approval from trademarks@.
>>>> Since this is a give-a-way, obviously it's not a for-sale item.
>>>> However, we're asking to approve the design (and trademarks@ would
>>>> to be involved as well).
>>>> Thanks!
>>>> -chip
>>> So this is a donation with no affiliation. All the donations I make are
>>> all for the sole purpose of promoting Apache CloudStack no other
>>> organization or strings attached. At each event I donate we'll have at
>>> least one committer (usually David Nalley or Joe Brockmeir). I also
>>> reached out to some (non-Citrix) committers and offered to cover
>>>travel to
>>> make sure we are in compliance.
>> Ack - thanks.
>>> On the trademarks I just attended Shane's trademark talk at ApacheCon
>>> the procedure as Shane C. explained it to me is:
>>> - Discussion here
>>> - Approval by PPMC (David tells me it has to be explicit not lazy
>>> consensus)
>> Just to be specific, I think you covered the first concern (which is
>> affiliation and a committer being present), but how about the physical
>> lanyard?  We'd need to see what that will be, or what logo you would
>> use.
>> I'm currently reserving judgement on "approval" until we see that
>> design (which I'm sure will be fine!, we're just trying to be complete
>> about things).
>> Also, please note that we are going to start adding a (R) to the CS
>> logos going forward, so we'll probably want to ensure that any imagery
>> that you use has that included.
>>> - Proposal to ConCom and then they'll kick it to Trademarks.
>>> I was planning on getting permission all the way though and cc'ing
>>> trademarks just for good measure.
>> Please keep cloudstack-marketing@i.a.o CC'ed during those approvals, so
>> that we are aware of the status.
>>> Also I had sent around a request for permission for the same kind of
>>> sponsorship for Devops Days in Austin
>>> And you guys gave permission there but I need to run that by ConCom
>>> Technically you are right, though it has to go to trademarks but from
>>> Shane and Nick indicated Concom will route as appropriate until after
>>> CloudStack graduates then we need to go right to trademarks once we are
>>> done incubating.
>> Great - glad that process got clarified.  Thanks.
>>> Regards, Mark 
>The design is simply the logo from the Apache CloudStack website. if they
>can do multi-color they would match the colors and if unicolor it would
>be white.
>However CloudStack is a word mark. The CloudStack logo is not a
>registered trademark, so if you want to add the R you can because of the
>word mark but you would need to trademark the actual logo to include a
>circle R. IANAL I just play one on the Internet.

Just trying to close the loop here I was going to give the following logo
with the  to the ChefConf guys

I made the logo black so you can see it on a white webpage but the printed
logo would be white on a blue lanyard. Logos would mirror what's on and link back to the website.

Regards, Mark 

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