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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Press release for our eventual graduation?
Date Mon, 18 Mar 2013 16:04:36 GMT

On 18/03/2013, at 11:53 AM, Giles Sirett <> wrote:

> Chip
> To be clear, if they vote in favour of graduation on Wednesday, does that we that we're
there/done/graduated ? - or is there a period after the vote before the project is officially
graduated ?

It's official as soon as the resolution has passed, from there on it's up to the project to
determine what they want to communicate to the world and how.

On 18/03/2013, at 11:40 AM, Chip Childers <> wrote:

> I'm not sure how a project is notified of any board results, but if it
> goes to cloudstack-private@i.a.o it will be easier to contain the news
> until an official date (note that cloudstack-marketing@i.a.o is a public
> list).

You will be notified in the following ways:
- anyone at the meeting is welcome to share it immediately
- Doug sends a summary of the meeting to all committers
- some period of time later (depending on workload), new chairs get some information from
the secretary

As David said in follow up, I wouldn't worry about "containing" the news. Anyone on this list
or dev@ should know what's going on now, and be notified as soon as possible after the meeting.
You can make your formal announcement to the rest of the world on a reasonable timeline you

- Brett

Brett Porter

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