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From Geoff Higginbottom <>
Subject RE: website idea
Date Tue, 05 Mar 2013 17:43:43 GMT


Geoff Higginbottom

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From: Kelceydamage@bbits []
Sent: 05 March 2013 17:42
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Subject: Re: website idea

I agree 100%, this is why I pointed out that at my company te ratio of frontent Dev/artists
to back end is 2.2:1. Marketing is a different world then technology development. And it's
generally lead by distinctly seperate visionaries.

We can not approach marketing and website appearance from a developer point of view. The wiki
is for devs/users, the website is for sales(accept without any money) and marketing.

I think researching similar sites is important, and if we get a mock-up I am more then happy
to have my web guys critique it, and provide suggestions.


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On Mar 5, 2013, at 9:05 AM, John Kinsella <> wrote:

> First thought: "noooooooooooooooo!" ;)
> Second thought: As ACS is a fairly major project and not a CI engine (sorry, but…),
our website has three purposes:
> a) Get operational folks to want to try ACS
> b) Get developers interested in contributing to ACS
> c) Educate others about why ACS is so #@$@#$ awesome and they (or their teams, or their
companies) should be using it.
> (feel free to expand/contrast on this)
> So, with that said - From my experience, the stereotypical Twitter Bootstrap sites do
not say that to me. They say "this is a site that was quickly set up by a developer so he
could get back to something else." There's not a single graphic element on inria's site -
except for 2 buttons. Not pretty by any means, IMHO. I'm reminded of Ruby projects or Github
projects who think 15 lines in their is AWESOME for their project's website.
> Take a look at the other cloud provisioning project's site. Both looks better and does
a better job of communicating what it is.
> Here's a few sites I've seen recently that I consider "pretty" and "modern" sites:
> - admittedly complicated
> - probably bootstrap based, but at least
> looks good IMHO -
> Just pulled it up while looking through the ASF project list - not bad!
> One thing that we should probably do - look at the websites of other
> players in the space - OnApp, Eucalyptus, VMWare, etc. Our site has to
> play at that level, not a website built for an engineer looking for a
> CI platform (sorry, but…)
> I realize we need a site that's easy to manage and update, but let's see if we can balance
that with something that people remember.
> John
> On Mar 5, 2013, at 5:11 AM, Sebastien Goasguen <>
> wrote:
>> Hi, thinking about website designs, I ran into this one:
>> It's simple, yet modern.
>> I think something along this line with CloudStack logos and some good thinking of
categories would work well.
>> -sebastien
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