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From Giles Sirett <>
Subject RE: Question about vendor-neutrality aspects of having "user case studies"
Date Thu, 07 Mar 2013 15:24:09 GMT

Could you clarify who you mean when you say "vendor"

I *think* you mean people like ShapeBlue & people like the guys over @ leaseweb  i.e.
people who are doing something commercial around an Apache project
If I'm right, read on. If not, ignore the rest of this email !

I think that there are two points, at different levels here:

a) specifically is it appropriate to show or link to  case studies from an ASF site, when
those case studies clearly are written to promote another business/product/service  that happens
to use CS (much like the ones I just sent round)?

 I think this wholly depends on the context. If they are being labelled as pure Apache Cloudstack
Case Studies, then no, they would be inappropriate as they could be misleading. If, however,
some context is put around them, I think its fine. If people are still sensitive about this,
then maybe we could create some guidelines.
There's also the point that the development of commercial products/services/etc around any
OSS project is used by many as a view of the maturity of said project.

There may also be a degree of compromise required here.  In the perfect world, we would have
a set of case studies focussed purely on CloudStack. However, we are all trying to get ACS
established & at the moment there isn’t a massive pool of users to work with.  Combine
this with the fact that getting organisations to partake in case studies can be time consuming
and sometimes difficult (& costly) means that right now we need some solid stories to
tell the world.

b) the broader marketing context
I hate to always come back to a comparison with Openstack, but the thing that those folks
have done REALLY well is create a perception of a well-established product.  Their case studies
are right there: one click away from their homepage.
So,  I guess what I'm saying, is right now....any decent success stories should be welcomed.
 I do not think they should be buried in the WIKI - I look at the wiki, as does everybody
on this list I guess. But does somebody trying to gauge the significance of CloudStack for
the first time, look at the WIKI?

Kind Regards

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-----Original Message-----
From: Chip Childers []
Sent: 07 March 2013 14:34
Subject: Question about vendor-neutrality aspects of having "user case studies"

NOTE: cross posted between a public and private list.

trademarks@ folks:

I have questions about intent / best practices / examples of where a project community provides
case studies on it's website of users of the project's software.

The CloudStack marketing community is currently discussing getting case studies from various
users of the software, and understanding any current consensus on what's right vs. wrong would
be helpful.

While I'm sure that actively promoting the *idea* of users posting case studies on their own
sites is perfectly fine, I'm wondering about the potential implications of the project itself
hosting or linking to these from our own site.

Vendor neutrality is obviously a critical aspect of the ASF's community development practices,
as well as an important brand protection mechanism for the projects, hence why I wanted to
bring trademarks@ into the discussion for advice and guidance.

Has this type of thing been discussed other projects (and do you know the outcomes)?  If not,
what would be your guidance for CloudStack specifically, and Apache projects generally?


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